Snowboard Lessons

Learn to snowboard on the UK’s longest real snow slope

Snowboarding Lessons are fast, fun and exciting — who wouldn’t want to give them a go and build muscle and fitness at the same time? At Chill Factore, we offer both Group Snowboarding Lessons and Private Lessons for all individual levels, so you can perfect your snowboarding skills one-to-one or gain a new skill with friends!

Do you need snowboarding lessons?

If you are new to snowboarding then definitely, our snowboarding lessons are the place to start! If you’re a beginner, or you want to top up on your skills, we have a range of snowboarding lessons of different levels and difficulties to find the fit for you!

Can I snowboard without lessons?

We wouldn’t advise snowboarding without lessons. It’s important for you to take lessons before you start snowboarding so you don’t hurt yourself and so you learn the best practices and correct ways to snowboard. Snowboarding without lessons may mean that you don’t maximise your snowboarding experience.

How many snowboard lessons do I need before hitting the main slope?

It depends on how quickly you pick it up, although our 5 hour day lesson is a perfect way to start your journey. We also have different levels within our lessons if you require to learn at a different pace. We’d recommend progressing our 5 hour day lesson before hitting the main slope.

How much are snowboarding lessons?

The prices of our snowboarding lessons vary depending on the length of the lesson you choose and the level you are learning at. Take a look at our multiple lesson options to find the lesson that’s right for you.

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