All About Snow

Chill Factore Snow Report

It really does snow almost every night here at Chill Factore.

If you’ve ever wondered how we make our snow, we use the same ingredients as Mother Nature: air and water - that’s it! At night, snow falls for four hours from the 14 snow cannons above our slopes, and the mounds and dips created by our guests during the day are removed by our expert snow groomers using the famous Chill Factore Pisten Bully.

This means, you can expect well groomed snow in the morning with prime conditions on the main slope before 10am. There’s good terrain in the afternoon with temperatures around -4°C. Later on, there will have been many runs throughout the day and so expect slightly variable terrain conditions.

How do we make the snow?

Real snow is what we pride ourselves on, as it gives all our guests an altogether better experience.

The snow is made from compressed air and water, which are blasted into a chilled atmosphere. On hitting the freezing air temperature snowflakes are formed. This process takes place every night producing a fresh covering of 5mm ready for our guests the next day.

Fact: It snows every night in Manchester!

The composition of real and artificially produced snowflakes is the same; the physical difference can only be spotted under a microscope. However, whereas real snowflakes take hours to form, artificially produced real snow takes just seconds, meaning you can enjoy our amazing slope all year round.

What’s the weather like at Chill Factore?

It is cold here, but once you’re active on the slopes you’ll soon warm up. We have no wind chill and the atmosphere is always dry. On average during the day the temperature is -1°C, overnight this can drop to -6°C so we can make the quality of snow required for skiing and snowboarding.

What is the snow like? Absolutely brilliant, though you would expect us to say that! The British Ski team and other professional athletes have practised out on our slope and all said it was amazing. That’s good enough for us!

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