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Top tips for enjoying your first day of Kids’ Snow School

You’ve booked your kid onto Chill Factore’s Kids’ Snow School, but how do you prepare for the first day? Here at Chill Factore, this helpful article can be referred to as a guide, giving you all the information, you need to prepare your child for their first day of learning to ski or snowboard.

Preparing for Kids’ Snow School

Booking your child onto our Kids’ Snow School is the first important step towards teaching your kids to ski or snowboard. Before their first day of snow school at Chill Factore, we thought it might be useful to give you our top tips for ensuring your child gets the most out of learning their brand new snow-based skill!

Tip 1 – Make sure you pack gloves!

You’ve packed your bag, sorted some warm, woolly clothing out and your child’s excitement is through the roof. Sounds like they’re ready to have their first-ever ski or snowboard lesson and dig their boots into real snow. But an item of clothing that’s all-too-easily forgotten is… gloves!

As our Kids’ Snow School takes place on real snow, for health and safety purposes every child must wear gloves.

They’ll need to use their hands for balance so there’s no option to pop them into a nice warm pocket. Don’t worry if you don’t have some or you do forget, you can buy these from one of our friendly staff members at the clothing desk in the Changing Village.

Tip 2 – Watch our YouTube Videos before you arrive

A great way to build up your kid’s excitement for their first-ever ski or snowboard lesson is to check out our Kids’ Snow School videos over on Chill Factore’s YouTube channel. You’ll be able to see other kids mastering turns and discover the sorts of skills your child will soon be learning over their three-week Kids’ Snow School course.

Tip 3 – Arrive early

As simple as it might seem, it’s always good to arrive early for your kid’s first snowboarding or skiing lesson. Your instructor will be ready to meet you and your child at the start of your first lesson and will also check that your child is kitted out correctly including a bib, helmet, skis/snowboard and boots.

On the day of your kid’s first snowsports lesson, our top tip is to arrive early, grab a drink from one of the outlets down Alpine Street and have a sneak peek at the UK’s longest real snow indoor ski slope. As you’ve arrived early with plenty of time to spare, why not take your time to get kitted up and then head over to meet the instructor. We always recommend our guests to arrive 45 minutes before their lesson starts to allow for plenty of time for kit up.

What to expect on day one

No matter if your kid is a Ski Penguin, Snowboard Husky Dog or allocated into another group, your child’s first day will involve an introduction to the snow and cover all of the key essentials, including: fastening your skis or snowboard on and off and gaining balance, whether that’s on skis or a snowboard.

Something we 100% guarantee from day one is lots of fun. As our super-friendly, fully qualified instructors take you on a thorough introduction to the snow, your child will definitely be giggling and the smiles will be out in full force as they make their way down the slope, learning their new snowsport.

What to do after the first lesson

After your kid’s first day of learning to ski, they will likely be buzzing about what they’ve achieved. A useful tip to maintain the skiing or snowboarding excitement and prepare your child for their next lesson on their Kids’ Snow School journey is to encourage your child to demonstrate what they have learned on dry land! This will help them remember all the skills they have picked up, to be able to approach their next lesson with just as much enthusiasm!

Also, why not check out our YouTube channel for some top skiing or snowboard lesson tips. Our amazing instructors showcase a few skills that you’ll be learning on your next lesson!

Kids’ Snow School at Chill Factore, Manchester

Our Kids’ Snow School in Manchester is a great way to teach kids to ski along with others of a similar age and ability. Our lessons can teach toddlers and older kids how to ski or snowboard and we always guarantee enjoyment, with a laugh and a giggle along the way.

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