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Is it hard to learn to snowboard?

So, you want to start a brand new hobby, and you’ve settled on snowboarding. We don’t blame you! Snowboarding is a fantastic way to burn calories, get fit and is a great hobby to do either alone or with a group of friends. But is it hard to learn to snowboard? Not with our beginners’ snowboarding lessons, it’s not. Find out how hard snowboarding is in our latest article and how you can get to grips with shreddin’ before heading off on your next adventure to Verbier or Chamonix.

Snowboarding for beginners

Snowboarding is an excellent pastime for anyone, no matter their skill level or experience partaking in winter sports. So why do we love snowboarding so much? Well, as well as being a hugely exhilarating hobby, it also has the following benefits:

  • Burns a crazy amount of calories, making it a fantastic way to stay in shape
  • Strengthens muscles throughout the body, making you stronger and leaner
  • Boosts your mood by releasing feel-good endorphins
  • Improves flexibility which will make you stronger and improve your balance and posture.

Taking up a new hobby can be daunting, but here at Chill Factore, we take all the fear out of the unknown with our beginners’ snowboarding lessons. Although it takes determination and persistence, our snowboarding instructors take all the hard work out of learning this fun, fast and exciting new skill.

Is it hard to learn to snowboard?

When it comes to learning how to snowboard, everyone is different. Some people will be natural snowboarders and pick it up immediately. For others, it may take several lessons before they get to grips with the core strength needed to stop you bailing.

Luckily, our qualified instructors make every snowboarding lesson fun and exciting and will help you to build speed, confidence and technique. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or simply a little rusty after a few years away from the slopes, our snowboarding lessons, which take place on real snow, helping you get ready for outdoor terrains, will make learning to snowboard as easy as possible!

Snowboarding vs skiing

Still on the fence about which snowsport you should start learning? Both skiing and snowboarding are fantastic snowsports that will build strength and satisfy your need for speed. But how hard is snowboarding compared to skiing? Is one easier to learn than the other?

It is commonly understood that skiing is quicker to pick up than snowboarding, but snowboarding is easier to master. This suggests that although it may take you longer to get your head around mastering snowboarding initially, once you do, you’ll be able to progress to an advanced level much quicker than you could with skiing.

Whichever snowsport you decide to learn, we are here to show you the ropes and get you to a point where you’re tackling the slopes with ease.

Learn how to snowboard at Chill Factore

Ready to begin an exhilarating hobby that will build confidence and fitness? Get in touch with Chill Factore today and book your snowboarding lessons. We offer Beginner Slope, Main Slope and Private Snowboarding Lessons, and our instructors will keep you on track, no matter your skill level. You’ll be jibbing on the Val d’Isere slopes before you can shout, ‘Wipe Out!’

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