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Ski lessons at the UK's longest indoor snow slope

Did we mention that Chill Factore has the UK’s longest indoor snow slope? We thought we must have done, but weren’t entirely sure! At 180m long, our facility is the closest you are likely to get to a genuine mountain slope in England, and it is covered in real snow (we’re all about authenticity). Ski lessons in the North West have never been so exciting - especially with our numerous lessons, freestyle sessions and highly qualified coaches to offer helpful advice whenever you need it. Read on to learn more about how our indoor snow slope can heighten your ski lessons in Manchester.

Ski lessons in the UK, but feel like much further

So, back to our 180m long indoor snow slope. It’s a pretty big deal, and has two ski lifts to help get you to the top and back down again in now time at all. Travellators are also installed for extra convenience, in order to help people that are still beginners finding their snow feet fast - at Chill Factore, we make sure no stone is left unturned!

We don’t just cater for those that want an adrenaline-fuelled ski experience, though. Our beginner slope is 40m long, to offer more comfort and reassurance for those that are still building their confidence on their skis. The main indoor snow slope stands at 40m tall - just 5m shy of being as tall as the entire building (we don’t like to brag). If you’re looking for truly authentic ski lessons in Manchester, we have an average of sixteen tonnes of snow produced per day, so that you can really envision gliding down a mountain as you learn.

Become a pro with ski lessons in Manchester

Every skill level is accepted here at Chill Factore. Never set foot in a pair of skis before? No problem at all, as our Taster Lessons are uniquely designed to ease you into the often overlooked necessities of skiing: posture, balance, equipment and how to get into a pair of skis in general. Your instructor will walk you through the ins and outs, gradually building your confidence until you are ready to move onto Beginner Lessons.

Beginner Lessons are held on our beginner slope, featuring 40m of fun in the snow! Experience your unforgettable first run down a slope as you learn how to control your speed and become more comfortable on your skis. With lesson plans ranging from three-week sessions, two-day sessions and one day intense lessons, we guarantee there will be something to suit every schedule.

For more information on our famous indoor snow slope, or to book a session for yourself, please give us a call on 0161 749 2222 or email us at

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