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Where to go for snowboarding lessons in the UK

If you have been looking for snowboarding lessons in the UK, then look no further than Chill Factore in Manchester. Situated right next to the Trafford Centre and with facilities such as the longest indoor snow slope in the UK, snowboarding lessons in the North West have never been easier to find. Read on to learn more about the bespoke lessons and freestyle sessions we provide. We expect to see you whizzing down our real snow slope very soon!

Snowboarding lessons in Manchester have never been so chilled

We are strong believers in the fact that anybody can do anything they want to do (especially when it comes to snow-based sports). Have a lot of time on your hands? Dive into our three-week course, which allows you to take things slowly and absorb information at your own pace. Like things to move a little faster? Try our two-day or one-day courses, which cram all of the information you require into intensive sessions (but they’re still for beginners, so don’t be scared)!

Once you have decided on the time frame you would like to stick to, you can move onto deciding which lesson plan would work out best for you. Our Taster Lessons were specially designed for those of you that want to gradually ease into the sport, and carefully absorb every element of it - from posture to equipment handling. Once you’ve got to grips with the absolute basics, you will be unleashed onto our Beginner Lessons.

Feel the wind fly through your hair as you zoom down the beginner slope for the first time, while learning to control your pace and direction as you zigzag through the snow. We want you to feel invigorated with your newly-found skills, which is why our coaches are on-hand at all times to offer helpful advice.

Develop your skills with us at Chill Factore

Don’t worry - we haven’t forgotten about those of you that can already board, but want to brush up on your skills! That is what our Improver Snowboard Lessons are all about. It might have been several years since you have set foot on a board, but we at Chill Factore are here to help you get up to speed with your technique once again. Once your confidence is where it needs to be once more, you will be ready to whizz down all 180m of the biggest indoor snow slope in the UK!

If Improver Lessons are not quite the level you need, then why not try our Developer Lessons? Build on your current techniques in an adrenaline-fuelled environment, until you feel totally prepared for anything: an upcoming skiing holiday, a competition or snow event. If you are looking to develop more exotic skills, our Terrain Challenge is perfect for working on freestyle tricks. You will be an expert in ollies and 180s by the end of your time here!

For more information on any of our snowboarding lessons and freestyle sessions, please give us a call on 0161 749 2222 or email us at

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