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Where to practise indoor skiing in the UK

Skiing has to be one of the most difficult sports to regularly practise, as it requires snow, slopes, specialist equipment and well… skis. If only there was a place, situated conveniently next to the Trafford Centre in Manchester, that provided all of these things - how much better life would be. Thankfully, Chill Factore houses an indoor ski school and is the home of indoor skiing in the North West. Read on to learn more about our advanced facilities.

Indoor skiing in Manchester has never been easier

With so many lessons available, from Taster to Specialist, every level of expertise and ability is catered for at our indoor ski school. Let our trained instructors guide you through every possible technique you could require, or perfect ones you already possess - the choice is yours. You don’t even have to remember to bring a pile of equipment with you each and every time, as everything from waterproof trousers to snow boots can be hired for free on-site.

Our lessons can be spread out over three weeks, two days and one day, depending on your schedule. If you really want to settle in, get confident and practise regularly, the three-week course could be perfect for you - consisting of three short lessons over three weeks, you will find yourself adapting to the skiing life like a pro in no time.

Join the Chill Factore gang

Chill Factore membership means 30% off all lessons, courses, passes and snow activities. What better way to regularly practise at your favourite indoor skiing UK site, than this? Not only will you be welcomed into an ever-expanding family of skiers and snowboarders, but you will have the peace of mind that you will be getting your money’s worth each time you visit us to brush up on your skills.

If you just fancy grabbing a lift pass and doing your own thing for the day, or taking the plunge and jumping onto our 180m indoor snow slope (the longest in the UK!) every facility can provide hours of fun. You could even hop on the Downhill Donuts at the end of your session, and leave your snow experience on an absolute high.

Finally, if you’re already pretty competent, but would like to practise and brush up on a particular skill or technique, then our Specialist Lessons could be the answer. Want to practise carving, short turns or coordination? Everything you need to become an impressive skier is here at Chill Factore, and our specially trained coaches are on hand to answer any questions. If you’d prefer to learn in a women-only environment, then our Ladies Only coaching sessions are ideal for experienced female skiers that have particular areas they would like to improve on.

For more information on where to practise indoor skiing in the UK and book a session, get in touch at 0161 749 2222 or email us at

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