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Why boarding beats Harry Potter, hands down

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In the lead up to Christmas, don’t get caught up in the relentless festive film craze – you don’t want to get square eyes (or should we say round?!). Sorry, Harry Potter, as cool as you are, we don’t see you snowboarding your way down to Hogwarts anytime soon! Talk about having an easy life with your invisibility cloak. Read on to discover why snowboarding beats Harry Potter, hands down.

Looking for a white Christmas? We’ve got you covered

In the weeks coming up to Christmas, we all know how tempting it is to spend each and every weekend being a couch potato, watching film after film after film. But by doing this, you’re only causing yourself heartache. Stop teasing yourself! Watching those romantic festive films won’t provide you with a magical white Christmas. However, here at Chill Factore, we certainly can!

No need to pine after the snow settings on the TV, head down our fantastic snowboarding slope in Trafford Park and be amazed by the UK’s longest REAL SNOW indoor slope. If you’re looking for your very own white Christmas, then there is no better place to be than at Chill Factore.

Forget the Nimbus 2000, get a snowboard!

We produce our own real snow, all to ensure you receive the most authentic and realistic snowboarding experience possible. Our team work hard to produce an average of 16 tonnes of snow every day, which means a truly white Christmas is much closer to home than you thought.

Get that exciting snowboard training buzz!

If you’re looking for snowboarding lessons near Manchester, then Chill Factore has got it covered. It’s a fantastic way of spending some quality festive time with your family. Not only will you and your little ones – or not so little ones – be burning off energy in preparation for Christmas, but just think of the rush you’ll get from whizzing down our slope with your newfound snowboarding expertise.

There’s no greater satisfaction than the feeling of excelling in a new hobby or skill. After you invest in the very best beginner snowboard package that we have available here at Chill Factore, you won’t forget it. We doubt Voldemort is very good at snowboarding either. Forget the Nimbus 2000, get a snowboard!

Say goodbye to gaining Christmas weight

The festive season normally involves endless quantities of food of all kinds – turkey, cheese, chocolate, sweets, you name it! With so much food and festive cheer, it becomes way too easy to over-indulge. We’ve all been there! Following the Christmas period, it’s often this over-indulgence that makes us feel lethargic and possibly a bit regretful by the turn of the new year.

However, snowboarding is an exciting and invigorating way of keeping off the excess weight that often comes part and parcel with December. By investing in snowboarding lessons near Manchester, specifically in Trafford Park, you’ll enjoy the thrills of the slopes, AS WELL AS keeping fit for the new year.

There is simply no better way to make the most of the festive season than by indulging in a new hobby at Chill Factore. Instead of rinsing all the mince pies this year, why don’t you over-indulge on snowsports guilt-free instead! Whether you decide to come along with your family or want to enjoy the adrenaline of boarding down the slopes alongside like-minded people, Chill Factoreis the place for you.

Snowboard training vs Harry Potter

Sorry Ron, Harry, and Hermione, we can happily say that you are yesterday’s news. The only team that’s guaranteed to give you a spellbinding experience this Christmas is here at Chill Factore as we know that we supply the very best beginner snowboard package around (trust us, we know it’s true - we’ve checked!)

We formulated our snowboard training packages so you’ll learn precisely how to snowboard with the expert guidance of qualified instructors. All of whom receive continuous training and hold the British Association of Snowsport Instructors Level 1 qualification or equivalent. Your snowboarding lessons will allow you to build speed, confidence, and technique on the slope.

If you’re looking for an innovative, exciting new way to spend the festive months and beyond, get in touch with us at Chill Factore. We’ll prove to you that boarding beats Harry Potter, hands down.

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