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Why is summer the perfect time to head to an indoor snow centre?

If you’re serious about learning to ski or improving your technique, then consider heading to an indoor snow centre this summer – you’ll thank us when the new season starts and you’re ahead of the game!

The summer holidays are upon us and many ski resorts have closed their pistes for the season, but that doesn’t mean skiers and snowboarders have to swap their skis for their swimwear just yet.

Indoor snow centres such as Chill Factore in Manchester, provide guests with a realistic simulation of what it’s like to ski down the mountains abroad. There’s plenty of real snow and the temperature sits at a cool -4 degrees. If you are a complete novice, they are also great places to learn for the first time. The summer months are a generally quieter period for snow centres, making them the ideal environment for beginners to learn for the first time. Quieter slopes typically mean more runs, smaller group lessons and less people to bump into if you wobble! Plus let’s not forget, you also receive the best offers on lessons during the summer months.

Summer is probably one of the best times to perfect techniques ahead of the next winter season and with the help of snow centres across the UK, it’s possible for keen skiers and boarders to do that right on their doorstep. More advanced skiers and snowboarders alike also have an opportunity to work on their technique, test out any new equipment and work on problem areas during the off season. They can also help skiers and snowboarders return to their chosen sport after suffering from an injury or fall.

Learn from the experts

Each of our instructors here at Chill Factore hold their British Association of Snowsports Instructor Level 1 qualification or equivalent and they undergo continuous development throughout their time working here. Due to this training, our team is made up of some of the UK’s best instructors, many of whom have also taught in some of the world’s top ski resorts. So, when you learn to ski or snowboard in the UK, you’re receiving the same quality of teaching as that in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

Pin-point your faults

Keen skiers and boarders have the opportunity to perfect their skiing and iron out any classic problems that hold them back when they are abroad. Booking onto a developer lesson, specialist lesson or even a private lesson will help identify your faults and focus on tackling them before the peak season starts. Tackling these faults early on mean that you will spend less time in winter practicing and more time enjoying your sport. Private lessons in particular will allow you to tailor your lesson to your individual needs. Taught by an expert instructor, these lessons will help you break down any problem areas and then rebuild them back up. Whatever your focus is, a private lesson will help you achieve your goal.

It bridges the gap.

With the winter season lasting on average, five to six months each year, there is a huge gap of seven months where your skies and board are gathering dust in the corner. But this doesn’t have to be the case! Indoor snow centres across the UK offer avid skiers and boarders the chance to bridge the long gap between seasons together and enjoy the sport they love during the off season. Chill Factore is open 364 days a year (sorry we like to take a break on Christmas Day1), which means you can keep up your fitness all year around.

Support local facilities

Not only are the UK’s snow centres a type of skiing and snowboarding gym but they’re also the perfect places to learn and spend time with your family. Due to their controlled environments, the snow is kept in the very best condition meaning that novices can learn a new skill without any of the unpredictable conditions that the mountains can provide. They’re also the ideal breeding ground for up and coming snowsports talent. Team GB talent Menna Fitzpatrick and Mia Brookes were both part of Chill Factore’s Sponsored Athletes Programme.

Join like-minded skiers and boarders

You can join like-minded skiers and snowboarders by becoming a member at your local snow centre, taking part in specialist events such as Ladies Morning and Breakfast Club or by joining groups on social media.

Even during your lessons, you’ll meet others who share the same goal of wanting to transform their technique and learn something new.

Find out more about our lessons here.

If you would like to find more about the latest offers at Chill Factore, click here.

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