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Advice from Chill Factore: Where to ski and when?

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With the warm weather coming to an end, all you ski enthusiasts must be wondering when you can get back out on the slopes. Hitting the mountainous regions of mainland Europe is a wonderful time for any skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, so knowing the best time to visit them is key to an enjoyable experience. So, when do ski seasons start and when are French ski resorts opening? Continue reading our helpful guide to find out everything you need!

When do ski seasons start?

When planning your skiing trip you want to ensure you pick the perfect time of year because you’ll want to experience a blend of the best quality of snow, the right temperature, clear weather and beautiful scenery. If just one of these things is far from its best, then there’s a chance that your trip may be ruined.

Skiing season is a time of year when skiing, snowboarding and other alpine activities are viable. The season will typically run from early-to-mid winter until mid-to-late spring. The season ends when the temperatures start to climb, resulting in snow thawing.

In terms of ski resorts in Europe, they generally open up around late-November and will stay open until the end of April, just before temperatures start increasing for spring and heading into summer. If you want to go skiing in the summer months, you’re in luck because the Levi Resort in Finland stays open until June because of the arctic temperatures they still experience at that time of year.

Most European resorts don’t vary in the months they open, but one thing to remember is that the earlier you visit them, the more snow you’ll have to ski on.

If you’re willing to wait until the end of the season, it will be a lot quieter on the slopes and the days will be longer. However, the snow conditions will not be as good as they are in the early-to-mid season.

When are French ski resorts opening?

France is the closest country to England in terms of allowing us Brits to sample real, mountainous snowy slopes. With that in mind, when are French ski resorts opening in 2022?

Opening dates for the big resorts are staggered throughout early and mid-winter. The earliest opening is expected to be Tignes, near the Italian border, on October 17th. Other French resorts opening in November are: Morzine, Val Thorens, Flaine and Alpe D’Huez.

All resorts in France are staying open until at least April, but there are a couple expected to remain open to skiers and snowboarders until May.

December 4th is expected to be a busy day for resorts in France with three - La Tania, Les Menuires, and Méribel - all expected to open on the same day, so get your tickets booked now!

What about Austria ski resorts?

If you’re thinking a little further afield and looking to go deeper into Europe with a trip to Austria, then we have you covered here too!

The ski season in Austria typically starts in the middle of December and runs through to the end of April. During March and April, the days are longer and temperatures are a little more manageable, with blue skies and sunshine caressing the mountain tops.

Austrian resorts make the most of the extra daylight hours by running their lifts later, so that’s great if you’re looking to pack more ski time in.

If you’re planning on visiting an Austrian ski resort, then ensure you take a look at the famous après-ski.

When is it cheapest to go to a resort?

If you’re keen on a trip to a ski resort in 2022, or early 2023, but want to save the pennies, then the most budget-friendly time to go is January. But try to avoid peak times such as Christmas, New Year and school holidays because prices are known to double.

Remove the rust at Chill Factore

Before jetting off to a stunning ski resort for peak season, why not spend a few days at Chill Factore in Manchester to shake off the rust? Without skiing for a few months, during summer, you’re likely to have collected some rust in the old legs and your technique might need a little brush up.

You can find the UK’s longest real snow slope at Chill Factore and practice your skills on a beautifully-managed slope of snow.

Go skiing or snowboarding at Chill Factore and sample the incredible snow slope we have on offer, making you feel like you’re at a ski resort in the Alps.

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie and looking for something to do in the Manchester area, then head down to Chill Factore. We have everything under one roof here, so there’s no need to haul the whole family from one location to another. You can please everyone, from the adrenaline enthusiast to the chilled observer.

Chill Factore is packed with fun things to do for the whole family, and what says fun more than real snow – and lots of it? From sledging and sliding to ski lessons and private tuition, we’ve got something for everyone. You may even fancy a little touch up of your skills, so a private one-to-one snowboarding lesson could be perfect for you.

There’s even a comfortable viewing gallery where you can sit back, enjoy a coffee, and watch the action on the slope.

If you’d like to find out more about what you can do here at Chill Factore, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 749 2222 or email us at

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