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No matter if you want to grasp the basics or hone your current technique, we have a snowboard lesson for you.


Your snowboard lesson options (levels and courses)

Your snowboard lesson options (levels and courses) Show

Choosing a level
Are you unsure which level or lesson you need? Run through the short set of questions we’ve set up to make sure you get the ideal set of lessons for you.

Taster snowboard lessons
New to the sport and want to learn from the ground up? If you need to find your snow legs first, check out our taster snowboard lessons. Available to a wide age range, we’ll teach you all about equipment and handling the slopes. 

Beginner snowboard lessons
The beginner snowboarding course teaches you about ‘toe edges’ and ‘heel edges’, as well as how to move diagonally down a slope at a controlled speed. But don’t panic, our team will be with you throughout with tips and advice.  

Improver snowboard lessons
If you’re not a beginner but still have plenty to learn, opt for the improver snowboarding lessons. The aim of these sessions is to help build your confidence, improve your skill and get you prepared to take on the full 180-metre slope!

Developer snowboard lessons
Perfecting edge changes, pressure and grip are key parts of our developer snowboard lessons. Give these sessions a try if you’re confident in your ability, but want to add that touch of finesse!

Specialist snowboard lessons
Specialist snowboarding lessons allow advanced boarders master the intricate techniques of the sport with confidence. Plus, each session is tailored to suit your requirements.



Your snowboarding course at Chill Factore will take place on real snow to add to the experience and get you prepared for outdoor terrains from the start. With the guidance of our qualified instructors — who all receive continuous training and hold the British Association of Snowsport Instructors Level 1 qualification or equivalent — your snowboard lesson will help you build speed, confidence and technique. And don’t worry about your kit — your snowboard, helmet and boots are included in the price!


When it comes to snow sports, we know some of you will have pretty packed schedules. To help, we’ve designed a range of snowboard lesson durations — including one-day, two-day, three weeks, and others. Plus, we offer both group snowboarding lessons and private tutorials.

If you want to know more information about options for Children's Lessons, then click here for more information!

Snowboarding is fast, fun and exciting — who wouldn’t want to give it a go and build muscle and fitness at the same time? Check out which lessons are best suited to you below:


Learn over 3 weeks, two days or even in a day, what lesson is right for you?

Learn over 3 weeks, two days or even in a day, what lesson is right for you? Show

Two-day snowboard lessons
Alternatively, you can spread your learning over the course of two days with our two-day snowboard lessons. Great for beginners or people who like to digest what they’ve learned before going again, our two-day snowboard courses consist of four hours' tuition each day, with a one-hour break. For your convenience, these sessions take place at the same time each day.

Three-week snowboard lessons
Prefer bitesize sessions? We also offer snowboard lessons split over three weeks, with each session lasting an hour and 50 minutes. These are also held on the same day and time over the course of three consecutive weeks, so you can easily pencil it in your diary. As this course takes place on weekends and evenings, it’s ideal for learners who have weekday commitments.

Day snowboard lesson
Our day snowboard lessons at Chill Factore are perfect if you like learning fast! Fun and intense, you’ll need decent core strength and stamina to make the most of it. With the one-day snowboard lesson, you’ll pick up various snowboarding techniques over eight hours, with a one-hour break and two 30-minute breaks during the day — ideal if you need to hone your skills ASAP.









Snowboarding lessons for children

If you’re keen to get your child or class into snowboarding, check out our Kids Snow School - dedicated to kids only! If your child would like to take part in our mixed lessons (levels one to nine), they must be eight years old or over to participate in the two-day or three-week lessons. To participate in the one-day lessons your child must be ten years old or over. Any junior under the age of ten years old must be accompanied by a paying adult.




Snowboarding is an exciting sport that builds both confidence and fitness. Get in touch with us today if you have any queries about snowboard lessons.

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