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You've come to the right place to start your journey to become a Snowboarder

Whether you’re a first-timer looking to get a head start before heading to the mountains or an experienced snowboarder sharpening your skills, you’ll be in great hands with our experienced instructors.  All of our instructors hold the British Association of Snowsport Instructors Level 1 qualification or equivalent, and undergo continuing professional development at Chill Factore.    

We’ve a range of lessons on our real snow slopes and you can learn in a day, over two days, over three weeks, or at the pace which suits you best.  Whether you join one of our group lessons, or opt for a private lesson, all of your equipment hire (snowboard, helmet and boots) is included in your lesson price.

Learn over 3 weeks, two days or even in a day, what lesson is right for you?

Learn over 3 weeks, two days or even in a day, what lesson is right for you? Show

2 Day Course: If you can’t dedicate a full day to the slopes why not spread your learning across 2 consecutive days? This option is perfect for kids as they are able to retain the information much more easily, when learning over 2 days. A 2-day course consists of 4 hours' tuition each day including a one hour break, and your lessons takes place at the same time each day.  

3 Week CourseIf you’d like to spread your learning even further we provide a full course split over 3 weeks. Each lesson is 1hour 50 minutes long and is held on the same day and time each week for 3 consecutive weeks. As 3 week courses take place at weekends and in the evenings, this option is perfect for those who are keen to learn but have work or personal commitments.

Day Lesson: This choice is ideal if you are keen to learn to ski as quickly as possible and are available for the whole day. It's an intensive lesson, so you'll need good core strength and stamina, but is great if you're short on time and on a deadline to be slope ready for your winter break. Your lesson last for 8 hours including a one hour break and two 30 minute breaks.   


Your snowboard lesson options (levels and courses)

Your snowboard lesson options (levels and courses) Show

Beginner Snowboard
Do you want to learn a cool sport on our real snow slope? This course will aim to get you ready to hit the lower main slope. As a snowboarding beginner, you’ll also begin to grasp the meaning behind ‘toe edge’ and ‘heel edge’ as well as safely travelling diagonally across the slope, controlling your speed and learning the technique behind linking your turns.

Improver Snowboard
Dreaming of getting to the top of the main slope? This course aims to build confidence, improve technique ready to ride the full 180 metres! Transfer what you’ve previously learnt as well as linking your turns consistently and smoothly by controlling your speed.

Developer Snowboard
Do you fancy refreshing and pushing yourself even further? Join us at the top of the main slope and start developing an earlier edge change as well as focusing on grip and pressure. Revel in the snowboarding down the full slope and continue your adventure to the mountains!  

What Level Am I? 
Are you unsure which level or lesson you require?  Click here   to find out more.

Specialist Snowboarding Coaching
You have the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance existing movements, explore what we have to offer here at Chill Factore.



Lessons for children

Age is an important factor when learning to Snowboard, if you are looking for lessons for children, please click  here

  • Juniors must be 8 years + for mixed lessons (Level 1-9)
  • Any junior under 10 years must be accompanied by a paying adult on the same lesson
  • 10 Years+ for a day lesson



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