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Freestyle Safety

Snowboarder riding a pipe

Freestyle Safety

If you’re looking to get into freestyle, check out the BoobyTrap, which is a freestyle session at the bottom quarter of the Chill Factore slope where you can learn the basics in freestyle and you can also get to hone your skills for the more advanced shredder!

If you’re already an accomplished freestyle shredder, check out the Terrain Challenges page to see when the freestyle features are available to hit!

General Slope Use

Snowboarding and skiing have some rules dictated by FIS who are the Fédération Internationale de Ski, also known as the International Ski Federation. There are also some unwritten rules for making the sport more fun for everybody. We think they’re common sense, but sometimes it’s worth spelling them out so we can all get the most from our time on the slope.

Obey all signs and instructions

They are there for ALL slope users safety. They’re not just there to spoil your fun.

Respect other slope users

We all have to start at some point, give beginners room to pick up the skills. Snowboarders and skiers take different lines down the slope and have different blind spots. The down slope rider always has right of way.

Stop, look and listen

Always stop at the side or bottom of the slope. No-one likes being clobbered from behind.

Control your speed and direction

If you can’t, then you are endangering yourself and others. Ask us about a lesson, you’ll progress a lot quicker.


Help people who have fallen or who are injured. Make sure other slope users know if they may be hidden from view up slope.

Freestyle Feature Use

Freestyle snowboarding and skiing includes the use of various park features, including boxes, rails and ramps. These features are provided for your enjoyment and offer a challenging chance to progress your riding. However, use of this slope’s freestyle features, like skiing and snowboarding generally, expose you to the risk of serious injury. These guidelines are intended to reduce this risk to you and other slope users.

Wear protective gear

Helmets can save your life. Back protectors can prevent permanent injury. Impact shorts and wrist guards can prevent weeks away from the slopes due to injuries. At Chill Factore helmets are required for all freestyle activities so if you want to ride the features make sure you grab a helmet otherwise you may be asked to leave the slope.

Start small and build up

Grab, grind, tweak and spin within your ability and progress when you’re ready. Ask more experienced riders for help if you’re struggling or jump on our freestyle coaching sessions.

Wait your turn

Surely you’ve heard the phrase “manners cost nothing”. Let people know when you’re “dropping in” so you get the feature to yourself.

Look before you leap

Check the speed of the slope, the size of a feature and its landing zone. Make sure the previous rider has cleared the landing zone.

Clear the landing zone

Pretty obvious really. If you fall, try to clear the landing zone as soon as possible, especially if it is blind from up slope.

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