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How hard is it to learn to snowboard after skiing?

A customer taking part in a snowboarding lesson at Chill Factor<sup>e</sup>, talking to an instructor on the indoor snow slope.

Learning to ski is a challenge, and it can take a long time for some people to truly master it. Like anything, though, there are people who will take to skiing quickly, but how would they do with snowboarding? Is it easy learning to snowboard after skiing? If you’d like to find out more about switching from skiing to snowboarding, continue reading this helpful guide from Chill Factore.

Why switch from skiing to snowboarding?

Skiing is an exhilarating sport and there are not many things that you can do to experience the same kind of adrenaline rush as when you’re navigating the slopes. Taking up skiing is a challenge and an individual may actually fancy an even more difficult challenge after mastering skiing.

They may also be looking to further develop their slope skills or could be tired of searching for lost poles from their falls! These types of people will look to snowboard lessons as their next step to mastering the slopes abroad and at home. But, one thing we’ll say is that no matter how long you’ve been skiing, switching from skiing to snowboarding can be a challenge in itself, so patience and perseverance are essential.

Technical issues

Learning to snowboard after skiing can be a challenge for some individuals, whilst others may take to it quickly. Despite having fewer ‘edges’ on your equipment compared to skis, you’ll need to learn to keep up your momentum and speed in a different way, as well as learning how to make sharp turns. With skis and poles, some people may find it easier to make a quick turn and keep up momentum, but this will get much easier as you spend more time with your snowboard.

In fact, many snowboarders believe that snowboards give you an experience on the slopes that skis rarely can. There is a freedom that comes with snowboarding that allows you to quickly develop your own style, technique and skills.

The learning curve

Like many sports, including skiing, there is a learning curve involved. That curve can be steeper for some people than others, and that lends itself to snowboarding too. Whether you’re an experienced skier or not, learning to snowboard is a whole new skill. It’s definitely one worth undertaking, though!

The initial transition onto a snowboard from skis is an interesting one. This is because, as humans, we’re used to navigating with both legs. However, on a snowboard, both legs must work together in tandem. You also lose the use of poles to aid your movement, speed and momentum.

Many snowboarding enthusiasts believe that once you get to grips with the initial aspects of snowboarding, the rest just follows suit relatively easily.

Icy snow is much better to ski on because four edges are better than the two of a snowboard to ensure stability. However, if you’re heading out in powdery conditions, you’ll likely find it easier to master your snowboarding skills.

Snowboard lessons at Chill Factore

At Chill Factore, not only are you able to pick up a lift pass and experience the longest real indoor snow slope in the UK, but you can also attend private snowboard lessons to improve your skills and confidence.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve in the world of snowboarding, you can find help and guidance at Chill Factore. We have beginner snowboard lessons, freestyle lessons, adult lessons and even kids snowboard lessons. At Chill, you’ll be given expert-level professional training to ensure that you can master snowboarding and improve your confidence on the way.

So, whether you’re switching from skiing to snowboarding, or you’re completely new to the slopes, we can help you at Chill Factore.

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