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How to organise a successful event

Anyone who has ever organised an event will probably be familiar with the difficulties of pulling together a successful and enjoyable outing or, a team day for the entire office. Sometimes even the pressure of providing your colleagues with a fun day out can feel a little overwhelming and you start to worry that you’ve forgotten about something vital.

It happens to the best of us now and then which is why we have put together a checklist of items which will guarantee your event is a successful one.

Plus, if you choose to come to our venue, our events team is on hand every step of the way to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Decide on the objective of the event.

When you get handed the task ask the question; what is the objective?

Key objectives could be anything from building rapport, increasing communication skills, boosting morale or perhaps even strengthening individual’s resilience. All of which are proven to increase a company’s productivity and can provide your event with purpose.

The Marriott Victoria & Albert did exactly that. Before approaching the Chill Factore team, they decided that they wanted to get to know their new team members and build a good rapport while having fun at the same time.

The venue is vital

The venue is key to a successful event. Book a venue that is conveniently located with a vibrant atmosphere, so attendees feel intrigued and will make the commute. Chill Factore is conveniently located just outside Manchester city centre and offers corporations a unique setting to host their event.

‘Chill Factore was the place to go, you are put in situations that will test your communication and team-building skills…Everyone had so much fun and we were smiling and laughing from the off.’ – Ombudsman Services.

Choose the right package for you.

Choosing the correct activity to suit your companies needs is vital to the success of your event. Consider the size of your group along with your objectives to ensure that you find a programme which meets your needs and includes everyone involved. At Chill Factore we have developed a portfolio of options that are perfect for testing your team’s ability to communicate and collaborate.

‘With a group coming from so many countries (Brazil to Norway), with different levels of abilities, it was great to have the option of a Lesson or a Lift Pass…the Snow Park offered a wide range of activities that created a fun sporting atmosphere which allowed people to be competitive’. – Adidas

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