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Mum’s Guide: How to dress the kids for Snow Park, by Carol Clark

Carol Clark is a Manchester based mum who was looking for exciting new activities to enjoy with her kids. She came to Chill Factore in an attempt to keep her family of four entertained for the whole day - and hopefully to enjoy a coffee in peace for half an hour.

As a mum, it can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to deciding what to do for a fun day out. Since we discovered Chill Factore, things are much simpler, but I still remember the panic as I frantically threw around hats and gloves, deciding what we should wear on our first visit. Wouldn’t the kids’ clothes get wet? Wouldn’t they catch colds? How would this work? Thankfully, Chill Factore had us totally covered, and we arrived very well prepared for our family activities at Snow Park. Read on to learn more about the clothes provided by Chill Factore, and how the Snow Park is the answer to all of your family day out worries - whatever the weather.

A family day out at Chill Factore

The Snow Park is great fun and really easy to navigate, meaning that you and the kids can conserve all your energy to hit the slopes as best you can. Choose from Downhill Donuts, the Sledge ‘o’ Mania or, if they’re feeling brave, the Snow Luge steep slope.

One pass does it all, so you won’t have to worry about whether you can or can’t enjoy a certain feature of the park - the choice was totally ours, which made having four kids wanting to do different things a lot easier.

“You can hire everything you need to stay warm and cosy during your day out at the Snow Park - there won’t be any runny noses by the time you’re home, take it from me.” - Manchester based mum, Carol Clark

Wrap up warm before taking the kids to Chill Factore

It’s an indoor ski park with real snow, so don’t expect it to be toasty and warm. We saw online that it would be wise to wear warm, waterproof clothing, along with thick socks, gloves and shoes that would be appropriate for the snow. Annoyingly, I couldn’t seem to find anything for the kids that fit the bill - everything would be sopping wet within minutes.

Thankfully, Chill Factore allow you to hire everything you need to stay warm and cosy during your day out at the Snow Park - there won’t be any runny noses by the time you’re home, take it from me. Upon entering the Snow Park with your pass, you will be able to hire a waterproof jacket for everybody, along with waterproof trousers and snow play boots.

You can even buy your own hat and gloves from the on-site shop, or hire these essential items on site. We couldn’t believe the quality of the clothing, and there were no ‘I’m cold!’ complaints the entire time.

We usually like to finish the day out at the Snow Park with a trip to Nando’s to warm our bellies (and so I can have a hot coffee before the drive home)! My kids love creating memories at Chill Factore, and not having to worry about bringing piles of clothes with us is always a huge weight off my mind.

If you would like to know more about the toasty attire provided by Chill Factore or want more information on the Snow Park, contact them today on 0161 749 2222 or email them at

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