Kids Ski Lessons

“Get your kids on the snow from a young age, and they will grow to be truly at one with their skis.” - Stuart Langley, Chill Factore Instructor

Kids’ Ski School at Chill Factore specialises in Kids’ Ski Lessons for all ages and abilities. Our instructors are trained to the highest standards and will always keep your children’s safety and learning needs in mind. We all learn at different paces and in different ways after all, so our lesson structures are no different. If you’re looking for an exhilarating and productive activity for your little ones to get stuck into, perhaps during the school holidays or before starting school for the first time, why not consider our Kids’ Ski School?

Our ski lessons for children allow learners to start from just four years old with others of the same or similar ability. We aim to get your kids adjusted to the snow, get to grips with the equipment and learn to move around comfortably on a flat surface. Following that, they’ll progress onto more advanced, age-appropriate skill development. Each Kids’ Ski Lesson will be assigned to one of our highly qualified instructors. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it will be the same instructor for every lesson.

How Kids’ Ski School for 4 year olds works

From age four, young learners will be able to take part in the Kids Snow School in our lessons for four year olds (Ski Mini Mooses). These lessons are split over five stages and will develop your child’s skills until they are confident on the snow, linking turns and able to control their speed.

Kids can continue to learn in our Kids’ Ski School until they are 16 years old, and sets the groundwork for confident skiing and boarding in adulthood. It also opens up opportunities for snow-based holidays and career development in the future.

Why choose Kids’ Ski School at Chill Factore?

At Chill Factore, our friendly and experienced instructors act as personal mentors out on the snow during all kids’ ski lessons. We ensure a maximum ratio of one instructor per six children, which means that development is closely monitored and children are able to ask for one-on-one advice and guidance.

Our aim is to make snowsports fun, accessible to all children and to develop young talent where possible. Although parents and guardians are not able to join us on the snow, you can watch your little ones from our viewing balcony. So you can enjoy watching a lesson with a hot drink from The Lodge Bar.

At What Age Can Kids Learn To Ski?

Kids can learn to ski and snowboard at a variety of ages. We currently offer group ski lessons for ages 4 and upwards. Learn more about age restrictions and FAQs.

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