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Reasons to plan your work event at Chill Factore

Teamwork makes the dream work, so at Chill Factore we have a bunch of team-building activities and corporate space to bring your team closer together, improve collaboration and boost workplace morale! Read on for our top reasons to choose Chill Factore for your corporate event, team-away day or office getaway!

Why Chill Factore is the go-to place for a work event

If you have a workforce that could do with a well-deserved break from their desks or you are planning a corporate event to host an array of guests, Chill Factore has plenty of activities and corporate hosting options to cater to your business requirements.

We all know that everyone can benefit from new surroundings and some revitalising time away from the office occasionally. Chill Factore is the perfect place to take some time out and enjoy some action-packed team building activities. Whether you’d like to teach your staff a new skill of skiing or snowboarding or do some fun-filled energetic activities on the snow – we’ve got it covered!

Alternatively, you might be planning to host a large-scale event with a number of participants or perhaps you require a workspace for a meeting with catering options. If so, at Chill Factore we have plenty of spaces and options available to you. So if you’re a Manchester-based business and would like to know why Chill Factore is such a great place for businesses – read on!

Team building and away days at Chill Factore!

With Christmas fast approaching you might be thinking of ideas to bring the workforce together this festive season. Alternatively, you might have had a sudden surge of new team members that could do with acquiring some new team-working skills. Taking your workforce out of the office for a day or even half a day can help bring team members out of their shells and allow each member to come into their own.

At Chill Factore we have a range of exciting and inclusive team-building activities, including some of the following:

  • Sledge build challenge – which team can build the best sledge?
  • Sub-zero – five different team activities.
  • Yeti Fit – team activities to get the heart rate pumping!

We have a host of other team-building activities and fun packages suitable for every age and agility level. For something a little different that’s guaranteed to bring your workforce together, prompt some healthy competition and leave everyone feeling energised and motivated, our team-building activities are the perfect solution!

We also have a range of away day activities, so your colleagues can release their inner child and enjoy our real snow, which sure beats the British drizzle. Whether you would like to teach your workforce to ski or snowboard or let them loose on our Snow Park, our activities will subconsciously bring everyone close together.

But be warned, with our away day packages, the Chill Factore experience will be the topic of water-cooler chat for months afterwards!

Planning a corporate event at Chill Factore

Are you planning a corporate event, looking to hire a meeting room or searching for somewhere that hosts a great corporate hospitality package based in Manchester? At Chill Factore, we have it all: lots of room, incredible activities, and great food and drink to add to the fun.

Finding the right corporate event venue that suits your business and your catering requirements can be quite the task. However, if you are looking for multi-purpose meeting rooms, free Wi-Fi and hospitality packages – look no further.

At Chill Factore, we cater for up to 140 people and our venue can help inspire productivity, creativity and networking opportunities. We have several event and meeting spaces with a whole host of perks!

Choose Chill Factore for your team-building or corporate event

What are you waiting for? Why not give your workforce a great away day from the office, get the adrenaline pumping and bring your company’s competitive flair out. We have a whole host of offers so you can treat your workforce to the well-earned break they deserve and boost team morale.

Furthermore, if you are on a mission to plan a corporate event at a great venue in Manchester, Chill Factore has everything you need all under one roof.

To find out more about the range of company team working and corporate events we offer, visit our website.

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