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Ski Balance Exercises

Beginner skiers taking part in a lesson at Chill Factor<sup>e</sup>

Ski Balance Exercises

Hurtling down the UK’s longest dry ski slope at full pelt requires plenty of balance! It’s one of the key attributes used in skiing, so those looking to make the most of their time skiing should really do all they can to improve their balance.

Ski balance exercises might seem quite obscure and even specialist, but the truth is they’re very easy to learn and perform. We at Chill Factore recommend trying the following:

Single Leg Stance

One of the simplest ski balance exercises; simply lift your leg! From there, tilt forward and back for more difficulty.

Exercise Ball Manoeuvres

Using an exercise ball is another great way to improve your balance. Rest with your feet or arms on the ball, and adjust your position for increased difficulty.

Ladder Drill

No ladders required! Simply move your feet in and out of a fixed position quickly, focusing hard on your rhythm and staying upright.


Pilates offers a great way to improve your core. It also involves plenty of movements which require great concentration and balance. As if that wasn’t enough, Pilates routines are among the ski balance routines that can be done at home.

Ready To Grab Your Skis?

If you’re interested in finding out more about skiing, we offer beginner’s ski lessons, which will feature guided tuition from our expert instructors.

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