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Why your snowboard size matters

Ready to start a brand new hobby that will not only thrill you but keep you in great shape too? Look no further than snowboarding - the coolest way to keep fit. They say that size doesn’t matter, but sorry fellas, when it comes to snowboard size, it really does. Find out exactly why your snowboard size matters and what the detriment can be if you end up picking the wrong one in our latest blog.

Reasons why your snowboard size matters

If you’re new to snowboarding, you may not even have realised that snowboards come in a variety of sizes. In addition, each snowboarder will have their own riding preferences, which means knowing whether your snowboard should be a little longer or a touch shorter for your riding habits is essential.

Snowboarding on the wrong sized snowboard can have several adverse effects on your experience and can hamper:

  • Control
  • Progression
  • Speed
  • Fun and enjoyment

Let’s look at each one in turn in more detail to truly understand why your snowboard size matters.

Standing in the way of control

Do you remember that ABSOLUTE tune from the Gossip? Okay, so they probably weren’t talking about snowboard size, but one reason why your snowboard size matters is a board that’s too long or too short can mean it’s harder to control.

Two key things to remember:

  • Having a board that’s too short will make controlling it at high speeds more difficult
  • If you’re too light for your board and your deck’s too long, you’ll struggle with manoeuvring

Finding the right size snowboard is important to ensure you have complete control, as the last thing you want to do is to bail!

An incorrect snowboard size can hinder improvement

The whole point of beginning a thrilling new hobby like snowboarding is so that you can get better over time, eventually becoming confident enough to do it freestyle. Unfortunately, improvement will never come with the incorrect snowboard size, and this is why you need to measure up before hitting the slopes! Luckily, you’re not on your own. Our snowboard instructors can help you find the perfect size snowboard before taking part in our beginner snowboarding lessons. After all, we are the experts!

A need for speed!

Snowboarding is one of the most thrilling hobbies you can take up, thanks to the cool tricks you can do and the speed you can get going once you’re a pro. However, if you start off with the wrong snowboard size, you’ll never get to reach those crazy speeds that make it quite so thrilling, or on the other hand, you may find you’re going WAY too fast for the skill level you’re currently at. It could be enough to put you off for life!

No need to worry though, here at Chill Factore, we endeavour to make sure that everyone booking onto a snowboard lesson is bound correctly with the right sized board, so you can turn up safe in the knowledge that our snowboarding experts have got you covered!

Snowboarding lessons at Chill Factore

Here at Chill Factore, we have a number of snowboarding lessons that suit every skill level. From beginner to improver lessons, we even have a Guarantee to Snowboard - learn in a day package although this will expire soon and be replaced by beginner day lessons instead. In addition, our expert snowboarder will build your confidence and help you learn new skills, and best of all, We’re Good to Go!

Book your snowboarding lessons today and get ready for some gnarly times on the slopes!

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