Main Slope Ski Lessons

Improve Your Skiing

Improve your skiing skills on the UK’s longest real snow slope. The full-day course is fun and extensive, so you’ll need good core strength and stamina to make the most of it.

You’ll progress from the lower section of the main slope to the very top. During your improver ski lessons, you will learn to perfect your snow plough turns, and develop the plough parallel technique whilst controlling your speed, so you can ski down the full slope confidently and consistently. Whether you join one of our group lessons, or opt for a Main Slope Private Lesson, all of your equipment hire (skis, helmet and boots) is included in your lesson price.

Remember that your lesson includes boots, skis, poles and a helmet! To see more information on things to know before you arrive, see our things you need to know section

If you’re not sure where you’re up to on our adult lesson journey or what lesson to book, check out our Adult Ski Lesson Guide page

Level 5: I can ski confidently on the lower part of the Main Slope

Adult Group Ski Lessons - Level 5

Minimum Age: 17+ | Group size: 10 guests

Lesson Options Peak/Off Peak Price
until 14th April 2024
from 15th April 2024
2 Hour Adult Ski Lesson - Level 5 Midweek £56.00 £56.00
Midweek Evening £62.00 £62.00
Weekend £68.00 £68.00
5 Hour Adult Ski Improver Day Midweek £145.00 £99.00
Evening, Weekends & Holiday £169.00 £119.00

2 Hour Level Five Lesson

Our 2-hour level 5 Ski Group Lessons will introduce guests to the top of the Main Slope and starting to become more confident on the Main Slope lift to the top. You will start to ski parallel towards the middle/end of your turns and start learning to control your speed, direction and performing linked turns, stopping when required.

The 2-hour lesson includes a complimentary drink in The Lodge Bar & Kitchen with your instructor whilst you get your lesson feedback.

Find out more about our Adult Ski Lesson programme by viewing our Adult Group Ski Learning Journey

5-Hour Adult Ski Improver Day (5 Hours of tuition on and off the snow, with an hour break)

Our 5 Hour Ski Improver Day Lessons are aimed at skiers who have completed the Beginner’s day course/Level 3 and can make turns from the top of the beginner slope, potentially lower main slope. The course will start on the Beginners slope then progress to main slope with the goal of developing confidence skiing / riding on the main slope. Focus will be on developing stronger steering skills to unlock steeper terrain and develop confidence.

Guests will start by consolidating snow-plough turning on the beginner slope then go on to the lower part of the main slope and learn the foundations of parallel skiing. This will be done helping skiers to learn how to match their skis through the middle-to-end of their turns and introducing them to skiing from the top of the main slope.

N.B. To get the most out of your visit, we recommend the 5 Hour Ski Day Lessons for those who regularly participate in other sports activities.

Minimum Age: 17+ | Activity Duration: 5 hrs plus 1 x 1 Hour break | Group size: 10 guests | Lunch now included at The Lodge Bar and Kitchen

Find out more about our Adult Ski Lesson programme by viewing our Adult Group Ski Learning Journey

Level 6 Advancing to Coaching: I can control my speed and direction and perform linked turns, stopping when required from the top of the Main Slope

Adult Group Ski Lessons - Level 6

Minimum Age: 17+ | Group size: 10 guests

Options Peak/Off Peak Price 
2 Hour Adult Ski Lesson - Level 6 Advancing to Coaching Off Peak £56.00
Midweek Evening £62.00
Weekends & Hols  £68.00

2 Hour Level Six Advancing to Coaching Lesson

Our 2-hour level 6 Advancing to Coaching Ski Group Lessons will introduce you to greater edge control and you’ll start learning to ski parallel through the majority of the turn. If you haven’t already, you’ll be introduced to using poles on this lesson and you’ll start becoming more confident skiing from the top of the Main Slope.

The 2-hour lesson includes a complimentary drink in The Lodge Bar & Kitchen with your instructor whilst you get your lesson feedback.

Find out more about our Adult Ski Lesson programme by viewing our Adult Group Ski Learning Journey

Main Slope Private Lessons

Private Main Slope Ski Lessons

In addition to our programme of group ski lessons, we also offer private lessons on the main slope for individuals or small groups who can already links their turns, control their speed and use a button lift. For more information on private main slope ski lessons visit our Private Ski Lessons page.

The next steps

If you’ve completed Level 6 and are looking for the next steps, look no further!

Lesson Options Levels 5-6  
Skills Development Coaching From 2 Hour lessons to 5 hours! Take the next step

Things you need to know:

  • We have changing cubicles available & Lockers are available to store your belongings, which take a £1 coin or a locker token. These are returnable.
  • We offer accessible changing facilities for those who require them.
  • Aim to arrive 45 minutes to an hour before the start time of your lesson, to give ample time to get prepared.
  • Price of your lesson still includes boots, skis, poles, or a snowboard and a helmet
  • Gloves are compulsory - you can bring your own or purchase a pair on-site.
  • Helmets are mandatory - you can bring your own if you have one, or you can rent a borrow when you get here at no extra charge. You can also purchase a helmet on site.
  • Age restrictions still apply.
  • Please note, we are only taking card payments at this time and no cash will be able to be accepted.
  • On arrival please have your booking reference to hand (you can find this on your booking confirmation email). You can collect your tickets from the Guest Services desk, or from the Self-Service ticket machines situated near Reception. If your booking confirmation has a QR code, you can scan this at the self-service machines to check-in.

You can find answers to many other queries on our frequently asked questions page.

What clothing and equipment do you need?

The price of your booking includes boots, skis and poles and a helmet. Gloves are mandatory or can be purchased for £7.50, we advise you wear a waterproof jacket and trousers.

Are you looking for lessons for a child?

If you’re keen to get your youngster the sport, check out our Kids’ Snow School — created for young learners aged 4 to 16. Our Private Ski Lessons are also suitable for children aged 3 years plus.

How many ski lessons do I need before I can ski on my own?

It depends on your current skill level. We have different levels for you to climb up, from levels 1 to 4. Level 1 is the place to start if you’ve never skied before, and level 4 is when we feel you’re ready for the main slope. Our expert trainers will ensure you progress nice and quickly.

Are ski lessons necessary if I have some experience already?

It depends on how much experience you already have. Our ski lessons accommodate skiers of different levels. If you already have some experience then maybe levels 2 or 3 are ideal for you.

Are ski lessons worth it, or can I get straight on the main slope?

Yes, our ski lessons are definitely worth it! Feeling confident on your skis is very important, especially when tackling the main slope. To get the most out of your time on the main slope you should take some of our lessons to ensure that you’re ready to ski.

We have set slope standards to make sure you’re safe when skiing. All recreational users must meet the following minimum standard for recreational slope use:

  • Be able to control and link turns.
  • Be able to control speed and direction.
  • Be able to stop safely.
  • Be comfortable with variable piste conditions.
  • Be competent to use a drag lift.

Do Chill Factore ski lessons include a lift pass?

Our ski lessons don’t include a lift pass. A lift pass is there for those who want to maximise their skiing and are ready to hit the main slope. Our ski lessons are there to build you up to that stage, where you’re ready to tackle the main slope yourself.

How do I find out what to wear for ski lessons?

Don’t worry about what to wear, just wear something warm and waterproof, make sure to bring yourself a pair of gloves. At Chill Factore we will provide you with all the ski equipment you need for your ski lesson.

When is it best to start ski lessons?

There’s no better time than now to start your ski lessons. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what level you can currently ski at, here at Chill Factore we have lessons for both kids and adults, that vary at all different skill levels. So don’t be scared, hit the slopes now with our ski lessons.

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