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How To Ski Moguls - Tips & Tricks

Mogul field at Chill Factor<sup>e</sup>

Mogul Skiing Tips

For some they inspire terror and others, excitement, but skiing moguls and doing it well is just about practise and timing. As well as being an awesome skier, of course. Mogul skiing is all about balance, short turns, rhythm and being able to pick a line to ski. One of the biggest issues for many is balance – a bumpy slope can really throw off the balance of even an expert skier unless you practise hard and work at it.

Not ready for our mogul skiing tips yet? Why not take a look at our intermediate skiing tips, advanced skiing tips or expert skiing tips instead. If you are new to skis have a gander at our learning to ski page or our beginner skiing tips and remember, as great as all these tips are, they are no match for expert, face to face instruction by someone that knows what they are doing.

Controlling your Speed

Being able to control your speed in moguls is essential. More often than not the biggest problem people have with moguls is building up too much speed after the first or second mogul and being out of control. This can be dangerous and so it’s really important that you can effectively control your speed.

The main reason for lack of speed control is making carving turns. Whilst these work great on the groomed slopes, on moguls they can really increase your speed. Try reducing the angle of your edging and you will soon notice a difference in your speed control. Skidding and pivoting on your skis are really useful skills to have for skiing moguls.

Finding A Line

The best way to ski through a mogul field is to pick a line to follow. When picking a line you need to look for consistency in the size and pattern of the moguls. Don’t try to go around the moguls but ski over them and make your turn at the peak of the mogul – this will help keep the tips of your skis out of the snow and make turning easier.

Once you have made your turn, ski a little down the other side of the mogul and turn your ski to the top of the next mogul and repeat. You will find that as you go you need to adapt your skiing a little to absorb the bumps with your knees letting them flex with the undulations of the terrain.


As you go over mogul after mogul you will find you will start to pick up a rhythm, this is the best way to tackle a mogul field and as well as helping you cross the field it will also build your confidence and enjoyment of moguls.

The key to finding your rhythm is pole planting. Practise pole planting with short pivot turns on long groomed runs until your body has found a rhythm it can easily manage. Once you have got it down, venture out on to the mogul field and give it a go planting and turning at the top of moguls to your rhythm.

Practice Makes Perfect

This isn’t a skill that is going to come quickly, it will need plenty of hours of practice to really nail moguls.

If you fancy giving moguls a go, check the Terrain Challenges page to check what features are out this week and buy a Lift Pass for that day.

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