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Top tips for skiing with young children

Skiing is a great exercise for kids. It’s also a brilliant way to build their core strength and balance. As with all activities though, skiing with young children can be daunting for parents whose child is new to the slopes, so we’ve put together some tips for those of you with children learning to ski.

Fuel them up…

Skiing can be hard work, both physically and mentally, particularly when it is new to them. So, make sure they get a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast to give them energy – porridge is always a good bet before a session on the slopes.

… then empty them!

It may seem obvious but, if your children are learning to ski, help them to get the best out of their session with us by making sure they go to the toilet in advance – it will save them having to peel off all their snow gear and will make them more comfortable. It will also ensure they can maximise the time booked with their instructor.

Choose a suitable class for their interest and age group

We’re often asked at what age a child can learn to ski? We offer classes for children of 3 years and up, with our snow school taking pupils through to 12 years old – and even onto specific race skills if they love a bit of competitive racing. The most important thing is not to put pressure on; every child learns differently and at varying speeds – some kids repeat stages to help to build their confidence, and that’s ok with us. Children learning to ski may also wish to master snowboarding and try one of our snowboard lessons Our snow school caters for both skiers and snowboarders so children can enjoy each snowsport throughout their learning journey on the slopes.

If your child has already had some experience on the slopes, but you are returning after a break of 6 months or more, we recommend taking advice from us before booking them into a class. That way we can make sure that they get the best return to the slopes for their level of ability and experience.

Don’t distract them

We understand that you want to be supportive and encourage your children to learn to ski – but it can be very distracting for them and other children if you are stood at the edge of the snow watching. Therefore, for the safety of the group under instruction and so that we know where to find you if needed, we ask that you watch from the balcony. This also means that you can enjoy a coffee while you wait!

So, if you’re considering skiing with young children, why not get them slope ready by following our tips on how best to build their confidence right from the start, whilst also giving you piece of mind that they’re enjoying themselves.

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