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What size snowboard do I need?

Getting togged up in your snowboard jacket, pants and boots is an essential part of learning to snowboard. But do you know what size snowboard you need and how to get properly sized up? Here at Chill Factore, we’re here to help you find the right snowboard, so you can get carving on the slope in no time!

How to find the right snowboard size

If you’re a beginner snowboarder, you might be wondering how to find the right snowboard size for your height, weight and riding habits. As each and every rider will have their own riding preferences, knowing whether your snowboard should be a little longer or a touch shorter for your riding habits is important.

As one of the most important steps to learning to snowboard includes getting the correct snowboard size. Here at Chill Factore we endeavour to make sure that everyone booking onto a snowboard lesson is bound correctly with the right sized board!

Finding the right snowboard size for you

The first thing that might come to mind when you’re wondering ‘what size snowboard do I need?’ is height. It’s a pretty safe bet that the taller you are, the longer the snowboard you’ll need to stay balanced and limit the chances of decking it! For snowboarding beginners, measuring by height - the traditional way of finding the right snowboard - is a good indicator. When the board is upright, the end of the board should measure between your chin and collarbone.

However, for experienced borders, choosing a deck can be a bit more complex. For confident riders wanting to ride down a slope at high speeds, a longer board will be more suitable. If you’re an avid boarder who loves to board regularly, buying a snowboard involves factoring in weight, riding style and the specifications of the individual board.

Key snowboard sizing facts

If you want to know what size snowboard to buy, it’s important to consider the following facts:

  • Weight is actually an important factor in determining snowboard length
  • Having a board that’s too short will make controlling it at high speeds more difficult
  • If you’re too light for your board and your deck’s too long, you’ll struggle with manoeuvring
  • If you’re into the tricks, size down your board to improve mobility!
  • Planning riding on powder? Go for a longer board length
  • Boards are designed for specific functions, so read into your deck’s specifications

Beginners’ snowboard lessons at Chill Factore

At Chill Factore, our expert team in the changing village will help get excited newbies embarking on their very first snowboard lesson kitted out with a waterproof jacket, boots, salopettes, and the all-important board.

Once you’re geared up and your snowboard is in hand, it can be a bit daunting knowing how to actually bind yourself in! But don’t worry, once you step out onto the snow, your friendly instructor will talk you through those necessary steps to get you bound into your snowboard correctly.

Everyone who books onto a snowboard lesson or Lift Pass at Chill Factore will have boots, snowboard, helmet - the lot – thrown in. Our Head branded snowboards come between the sizes of 90cm and 168cm and we’re sure to have the perfect snowboard size for you. Alternatively, if you’re an expert on the board, feel free to bring your own!

Why not book your snowboard lesson today? You’ll be riding down the slope on the perfect snowboard sized board in no time!

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