Kids' Snowboard Lessons

Kids’ Snowboard School

Our ski lessons for children allow learners to start from just three years old. They’ll adjust to the snow, get to grips with the equipment and learn to move around comfortably on a flat surface. Following that, they’ll progress onto more advanced, age-appropriate skill development. Each lesson will be assigned with one of our highly qualified instructors. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it will be same instructor for every lesson.

Why choose Kids’ Snow School at Chill Factore?

At Chill Factore, our friendly and experienced instructors act as personal mentors out on the snow. We ensure a maximum of one instructor per five children, which means that development is closely monitored and children are able to ask for one-on-one advice and guidance.

Our aim is to make snowsports fun, accessible to all children and to develop young talent where possible. Although parents and guardians are not able to join us on the snow, you can watch your little ones from our viewing balcony, accessible via the upstairs restaurant.

Other things you need to know

  • To reduce any potential disruption during lessons, please ensure your child has been to the toilet prior to the lesson
  • During junior lessons a parent/guardian is required to remain on-site and they must remain in sight of the lesson (where reasonably possible) at all times. This is in case the instructor needs to signal a parent/guardian down to attend to their child
  • All our instructors have undertaken a DBS check and completed a Child Protection module, as well as all the relevant instructor licence requirements
  • Parent/guardians are not allowed to be on the snow with their child, but should be up in the Lodge viewing gallery or adjoining balcony
  • Any specific learning needs your child has, please make the instructor aware at the start of the lesson of any adjustments they’ll need to make. For any significant needs your child has, we recommend contacting Disability Snowsports UK initially( as they offer subsidised lessons to get your child up and running before participating in Chill Factore group lessons.

Do you need snowboarding lessons for your child?

If your kid is new to snowboarding then we recommend starting with our kids snowboarding lessons! Whether they’re new to snowboarding, or you want to help them hone their skills, we have a range of snowboarding lessons of different levels and difficulties to find the perfect fit.

Can I snowboard without lessons?

When your kid is snowboarding it’s important that you know they stay safe. That’s why it’s important for them to have lessons before they start snowboarding on their own accord. It is important for technique, confidence and overall safety on the slopes. If you want your kid to get the most out of their snowboarding experience, it’s best they have some lessons first.

How much are kids snowboarding lessons?

Our kids snowboarding lessons vary in price depending on which level of lesson you take. Make sure to take a look at all of our different levels ranging from 1-5 so you make sure you’re on the right kids snowboarding lesson for you.

What to wear to a kids snowboarding lesson?

Making sure your kid wraps up in something warm and waterproof is important, we’d recommend waterproof pants and a waterproof coat. Also ensure you bring them a pair of gloves too. At Chill Factore, we’ll provide the rest your kid needs for a snowboard lesson.

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