Adult Snowboard Lesson Guide

New to the Slopes

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Lessons start at Level 1 with an introduction to snowboarding. As you progress through each level your instructors will guide you through the basic Snowboarding moves until our Skills Development lessons when you will be able to confidently ride with versatility and adjust your technique appropriately for varying terrains.

In summary, Levels 1 to 4 are designed for beginners, 5 to 6 for Intermediate snowboarders and our Skills Development Coaching for more Advanced snowboarders. See the tool below to find what level is for you and for an overview of what you’ll learn on the snow at each stage.

At Chill Factore you can take one level at a time in a 2-hour lesson, or you can spread the lesson over a single day or 2 consecutive days.

You will be given a record to take home of your Snowboarding ability in a Progress Card by your instructor so you can keep track of your development.

Beginner Levels

Level 1 - I have never snowboarded before or have done a Level 1 at Chill Factore, but not within the last 6 months

Beginner/First timer

Learn how to handle (and put on) your snowboarding equipment, understand the terminology and slope etiquette and how to slide a short distance down the training slope using effective edge control (side-slip) whilst working on developing balance and posture.

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Level 2 - I have passed Level 1 at Chill Factore or I can do a heel edge and toe edge side slip without assistance

Movement and change of direction

In this level you will work towards using your balance and posture to change direction and making a toe edge and heel edge diagonal side slip to the left and right.

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Level 3 - I have passed Level 2 at Chill Factore or I can make a diagonal toe and heel side slip to the left and right

Basic Turns

Work towards steering the board more effectively and starting to make basic turns from the top of the beginner slope.

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Level 4 - I have passed Level 3 at Chill Factore or I can turn from toe edge to heel edge and heel edge to toe edge and make basic turns

Linking Turns

In this level you will be introduced to linked turns, how to use the button lift and work toward snowboarding confidently on the lower part of the main slope.

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Main Slope Lessons

After Level 4, the next stage is our Main Slope lessons. After Level 5 you may feel you are ready to go it alone on the main slope using the Chill Factore Lift Pass, or if you would like to gain more confidence you can move onto Level 6.

Level 5 - I have passed Level 4 at Chill Factore or I can link basic turns, can use a button lift and can snowboard confidently in a shallower inclination

Main Slope Confidence

Work towards developing your technique on the lower part of the Main Slope and be introduced to the top of the Main Slope. You will work on controlling your speed and direction by performing controlled linked turns and stopping when required.

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Level 6 - I have done Level 5 at Chill Factore or I am confident using a button lift, I have snowboarded from the top of the Main Slope, can control speed and direction, perform controlled linked turns and stop when required

Advancing to Coaching

Work towards varying your turn shape and size and switch Snowboarding as well as developing your posture and dynamic snowboarding.

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Skills Development Coaching

After Level 6 either practise your new skills on the main slope with the Chill Factore Lift Pass or book onto the Skills Development Coaching Lessons to develop your abilities further.

Skills Development Coaching - I have done Level 6 at Chill Factore or I can vary my turn shape and size, are working towards switch riding

If you’re ready to develop your snowboarding even more, you will be guided over multiple sessions by your coaches and given the tools to better your snowboarding in the area you desire. Whether that be posture, types of steering, varied turn shapes and riding switch. Enjoy becoming a more accomplished, all rounded rider.

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Lesson to suit your needs

There are many different ways you can take lessons to suit your needs and schedule:

Lesson Type Levels Overview
1 Day Course If you can’t commit to multiple 2-hour lessons, you can look to spread the lessons over a shorter duration. 5 hours of tuition on and off the snow with an additional hour break in a single day.
Individual Levels Take each level individually as a 2-hour group lesson
Private Lessons Either a 1-Hour or 2-hour lesson for 1 to 6 people

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If you don’t have your own, we also have a range of clothes available for hire. Don’t forget to check out our You Tube channel for a quick guide to Safety on the slope

Things you need to know:

  • We have changing cubicles available & Lockers are available to store your belongings, which take a £1 coin or a locker token. These are returnable.
  • We offer accessible changing facilities for those who require them.
  • Aim to arrive 45 minutes to an hour before the start time of your lesson, to give ample time to get prepared.
  • Price of your lesson still includes boots, skis, poles, or a snowboard and a helmet
  • Gloves are compulsory - you can bring your own or purchase a pair on-site.
  • Helmets are mandatory - you can bring your own if you have one, or you can rent a borrow when you get here at no extra charge. You can also purchase a helmet on site.
  • Age restrictions still apply.
  • Please note, we are only taking card payments at this time and no cash will be able to be accepted.
  • On arrival please have your booking reference to hand (you can find this on your booking confirmation email). You can collect your tickets from the Guest Services desk, or from the Self-Service ticket machines situated near Reception. If your booking confirmation has a QR code, you can scan this at the self-service machines to check-in.

You can find answers to many other queries on our frequently asked questions page.

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