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Is skiing a good workout?

The short answer is yes. In our previous blog post , we outlined some useful ski fitness tips to help you get the most out of your time on the snow, and to get you into peak fitness for the season ahead. We know that ski cardio offers the benefits of aerobic exercise with the added bonus of naturally providing interval training techniques. We also know that ski cardio burns between 350 and 1300 calories per hour. If we then look at the ways in which skiing strengthens and tones – the all-round health and fitness benefits of using a ski conditioning program speak for themselves.

Strengthen and tone using a ski workout plan

Skiing works your quads (thigh) muscles extremely hard, toning and strengthening through the movement required from your body during skiing. Good arm posture is critical for achieving a controlled path down a ski slope, and done properly, skiing will help to tone and strengthen the whole of your upper arms. In our ski conditioning program below, we take a look at some of the arm and leg strengthening exercises for skiing that you can work on to give yourself a head start.

Improve your core strength and co-ordination

Not only is skiing good exercise, but it can help to improve balance and co-ordination. The way that your body moves down a ski slope means that it has to get used to being thrown off balance regularly, because constant corrections and turns develop your body’s ability to maintain balance. The key to maintaining balance and remaining upright on the slopes lies within your core. Maintaining balance is the focus of systems such as Pilates and Yoga, but there are a few simple exercises in our ski conditioning program below that will help you to develop your core strength before hitting the slopes.

Start your ski conditioning programme now

If you want to combine skiing with exercise off the slopes, or prepare for your time on the snow, you can use the following ski workout plan to get yourself in shape:

  • Leg strengthening exercises for skiing: squats will strengthen and tone your quads whilst also engaging and conditioning your core. If you hold a gym membership, focus on equipment such as the leg press – but be warned, you have to really fatigue the muscles in order to build strength.
  • Work your abs: crunches and sit-ups with side rotation will help to strengthen your core muscles. Use planks and side planks in conjunction with these to work the whole of your core, including your lower back.
  • Arm strengthening exercises for skiing: if you are a beginner, your arms are likely to take some of the pressure, if nothing else, for pushing you back up as you tumble. Tricep dips, bicep curls and press-ups will all help to strengthen your arms.
  • Condition your body for balance: use exercises such as walking lunges with rotation to help your body learn to maintain balance. Also, doing daily chores (brushing your hair, for example) with your eyes shut and standing on one leg, will get your body used to being off balance.

Skiing is excellent for overall health and fitness; ski cardio works to burn calories and maintain a general level of fitness, whilst the muscles and movement used during your session will help to tone your arms, legs and strengthen your core. Our basic ski workout plan is great to get you started, but you can learn more about insider ski fitness tips and get inspiration on your snow workout through our online guide.

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