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What makes Chill Factore an amazing place to see Santa with your toddler?

Christmas is coming and it’s a magical time of year for all. For the youngest members of our families this is a particularly exciting time. The prospect of presents, fun-filled festive activities and of course Santa Claus! Here at Chill Factore you can treat your little one to an unforgettable visit to see the real Santa Claus and enjoy a session on the snow. This is perfect for families with young toddlers who are just learning about Christmas.

So, what makes Chill Factore’s grotto the perfect place to kick off the festive season?

The REAL Santa Claus is here

There’s nothing more magical for your toddler than meeting the real Santa!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so we’ve worked hard all year to ensure that Chill Factore’s Santa Claus experience is as authentic and as magical as possible. We wanted to ensure that you and your little ones receive the best experience you can – we don’t do things by halves!

Our Santa Claus is the real deal – from his suit, right down to his big black boots; perfect for trudging through the snow to deliver his presents! Every child that Santa meets also received a gift from Santa himself.

Each visit to Santa includes 30 minutes of snow play!

After your visit to see Santa Claus your toddler can then experience real snow!

Offering 30 minutes of fun, our Mini Moose Land snow playground is the perfect place for toddlers aged 3 and under to explore snow for the first time. This age-appropriate environment allows tiny tots to enjoy sledging, mini donut sliding (Suitable for 2-3 year olds) and a variety of soft play toys including wobbly snowmen and reindeer. All on real snow!

It’s an affordable!

If you want to give your toddler the best experience but also want to save money then our Santa and Mini Moose Land package is ideal. This package is just £15 for one adult and one toddler and just £9.50 for any additional adult or toddler. Plus, if you book your Santa visit before 20th December, you can save 10% off your booking and get the same amount of chilly fun at a lower price.

If a trip to meet the real Santa Claus with your toddler sounds perfect for your family then why not book onto our Santa and Mini Moose Land package today. Find out more information about the different ‘Meet Santa’ packages available here.

Top Tips for visiting Santa at Chill Factore

  • Dress for the cold. It’s -4c in Chill Factore so you’ll need to wrap up warm to explore Mini Moose Land. You can choose to wear your own clothing or hire our jackets and trousers from £8 per set. For footwear you can wear your own as long as they are clean and waterproof (Eg. Wellies or walking boots). If you don’t have these then they can be hired for £3.50 each. Gloves are mandatory and can be purchased from our clothing hire desk.
  • We suggest that you arrive at the time stated on your booking confirmation. This is the time that you can join the arrival area. Santa is very popular and has many visitors!

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