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The Summit Challenge

Summit Challenge M&SOur mountain can't be tackled alone - it takes a team. It's only when you work together with shared goals and a common purpose that you can overcome the elements, conquer the slopes and succeed in reaching the summit.

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Taking on a series of mountaineering challenges that mix physical and mental skills, you'll find new ways to communicate and collaborate: forging bonds, strengthening relationships and most importantly - having fun!

For Summit Challenge, you will me split into small teams, having to tackle a series of different challenges if you want to reach the top of the mountain. Once everyone has kitted up and is ready to hit the snow you'll do a number of tasks.

Have you and your colleagues got what it takes to...

Survive the blizzard, conquer snow blindness, replicate a sled or even take on a glacier crossing? Your teams will need to work together to annihilate the ice field and jump the ridge-line traverse. Can your team gain enough points to beat the summit?

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"The whole Summit Challenge was brilliant and I would highly recommend going there for team-building days. You are put in situations that will test your communication and team building skills." - Alison Fearn, Customer Relations, Ombudsman Services.

Summit Challenge - Now just £25 per person!
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This activity is £25 per person until 31st August. Minimum group size of 20 people. Corporate packages are available any time Monday-Friday (off peak prices apply). Bookings can be taken for selected weekends (peak prices apply).