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Our Recruitment Process

If you’re looking to join Team Chill, take a look at what to expect during our recruitment process.

Your Application

To apply for a role here at Chill Factorᵉ, please email with your Cover Letter and CV.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to let us know which role it is that you’re applying for. At times, we can have numerous vacancies available, so confirming this information helps us to shortlist your application more effectively.

Top Tip: So we want a Cover Letter huh? Yep! Because our company values and our team ethos is so important to us, it’s essential that we have a little bit more to go on than your CV alone. A perfect cover letter would tell us why you are interested in the role you’re applying for, why you think you’re right for the role at Chill Factore and finally, more about you and how your values fit with ours.

Top Tip: Haven’t skied or snowboarded before? Don’t worry! Unless you are applying for a position as a Snow sports Instructor, snow sports experience is not necessary. We are continually on the lookout for applicants who have an enthusiasm and passion for creating amazing days for guests. We have many colleagues who had never skied or snowboarded before they joined the business, but Chill Factore is certainly the place to learn if you want to!

You can find our current vacancies here.

Your Data

When you apply for a role we will manage your personal data with care.

Read our Job Applicant Privacy Policy here.


During our shortlisting process we assess candidates against the criteria outlined on each advert. You’ll find this information in the bullet pointed section ‘to be successful you will need to have…’.

Assessment Session & Interview

If you have applied for a role and been successfully shortlisted, congratulations!

We host Assessment Sessions during the interview stages for all roles in the business. Typically this will involve a snow based experience, group task and a face to face interview.

Top Tip: From time to time there are some variations to this process. For example, we may arrange an initial telephone stage interview with you, we may require you to have a solo interview or, as is the case for some roles, you may also require a second stage interview after the Assessment Session. Typically this is for management, supervisory or certain roles within the business. 

Throughout the assessment and interview stages we will be continually on the lookout for your demonstration of our five values.

What to expect

Our Assessment Session is designed to be fun, welcoming and to introduce you to Chill Factore through the eyes of our guests. Our aim is to see the real you and for you to see the real us!  

First of all you will meet with your interviewer(s) for an introduction and overview of Chill Factore, the role you are applying for and the agenda during the Assessment Session.  

Then it’s time for a snow based exercise and group task. If you have never had the experience of heading snow side at Chill Factore before, now’s your chance! Our Assessment Sessions typically incorporate a session on our Snow Park or snow based exercise, followed by a group activity. Generally this lasts around 1 hour.  

After this, you’ll head into a competency based interview, which will include questions that give you an opportunity to talk us through your experience, strengths and skills for the role. There is an emphasis on our values throughout. Interviews generally last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

Top Tip: Prior experience for the snow task is not necessary and we will always ask you to let us know if we need to make adjustments on account of a disability.

For roles which require a second stage interview, you will be invited back to meet with your initial interviewer(s) plus an accompanying interviewer. Your interview should last around 1 hour and will provide us with the opportunity to explore your skills, knowledge and motivations in more detail.

For some roles, we may ask you to prepare and present a presentation on a relevant topic. This is generally for roles within senior management and we will provide you with plenty of advanced warning.


If you are successfully shortlisted for an Assessment Session or interview, you'll receive an invite email from a member of the HR team which will outline everything you need to know:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • What to do on arrival
  • The name of your interviewer
  • And overview of the Assessment Session/ interview agenda
  • Any equipment or relevant qualifications you might need to bring (specifically Snowsports Instructors)
  • Clothing requirements

Top Tip: We ask you to confirm your attendance by return email so that we know you will be attending.

We will then be on hand to answer any questions that you might have and don’t forget that a lot of information is contained within the pages of our website

You can find directions to Chill Factorᵉ here

What to wear

Our values are really important to us, in particular do the right thing and be professional, so with that in mind, when it comes to interviews living these values is key. We’re not suggesting you wear a top hat and tails, but remember to dress for the occasion and leave your jeans and trainers at home.

The only exception to this is if you are applying for the role of Snowsports Instructor, as we’ll be expecting to you to arrive suitably kitted up to head snow side straight away!

Top Tip: So, you’ve got your smartest interview clothing on yet we’re going to be heading snow side? Good point! Every candidate will be provided with warm, snow side clothing which includes a waterproof jacket, trousers and warm snow boots.

We do ask that you bring a pair of warm gloves along with you to keep you toasty throughout your activity!


We will always aim to get in touch as soon as we can after the Assessment Session and interviews have taken place.

You will receive an email or phone call to let you know If you have been successful or not. Don’t forget, we are always more than happy to provide feedback following an interview.