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If you are an experienced skier or snowboarder, why not enjoy your time on the slopes with no hassle, interruptions, and at a time that suits you? Under our new Covid-19 safety guidelines, you can ski or snowboard for 1, 2 or 4 hours with our ski lift passes. You can even ski or snowboard all month for £80 with an unlimited pass.








Brush up your skills or get back skiing or snowboarding! As everyone might have a bit more time on their hands right now, it is the perfect time to get back onto the slope. At Chill Factore, our ski lift pass gives you the opportunity to perfect your skills down the UK's longest indoor real snow slope.
















Lift Pass Requirements

Lift Pass Requirements Show

Lift Pass requirements

In order to use your lift pass here at Chill Factore, we ask that you:

  • Wear the correct clothing.
  • Can control your speed and direction.
  • Stop safely.
  • Are comfortable with variable piste conditions.
  • Can link your turns.
  • Are able to use the button lift without assistance.

If you're not sure you meet all of the above requirements, it is best to book a Ski or Snowboard Lesson for more guidance before getting a lift pass. If you are missing these requirements and go on a lift pass you will be asked to leave the main slope for your’s and others safety and your pass will not be refunded.

In line with the Government's guidance on the use of face coverings in enclosed public spaces, face coverings are now mandatory inside the BEYOND building, including Alpine Street and the Changing Village. Face coverings are also required at most times on the snow, including lifts, travellators, queues, socialising and whilst working with an instructor, but may be removed when descending a slope on skis / snowboard.



Is there an Event on which will affect the Main Slope?

Is there an Event on which will affect the Main Slope? Show

From time to time we run exciting events on our slope, from freestyle competitions to race competitions.

When we run these events we sometimes restrict the slope access.

In the next 2 weeks we will be restricting the slope access on:

  • 21st June - We are restricting main slope access from 17:00 by a quarter due to a Booby Trap session.

For events past the 27th June please see our Events page.

 *Please note that due to the nature of the events they may run over the alloted timings above.  




What is included with your lift pass?








 When you book a Chill Factorlift pass you don't just book some time on the slope. The price of your booking includes boots, skis and poles, or a snowboard, and a helmet








Please note: All our ski and snowboard equipment, including boots and helmets, is carefully sanitised and quarantined before each use.















Select your Main Slope Lift Pass below.








1 Hour Lift Pass 

Price includes: Boots, skis and poles or a snowboard and a helmet.
















2 Hour Lift Pass

Price includes: Boots, skis and poles or a snowboard and a helmet.
















4 Hour Lift Pass

Price includes: Boots, skis and poles or a snowboard and a helmet.










Things you need to know:

In light of the new restrictions, Chill Factore meets the criteria of ‘We’re Good to Go’ Visit England’s new COVID-19 standard for leisure businesses. We have altered the way ski lift passes work at Chill Factore so please consider the following:

  • You must arrive dressed for the snow. We are currently unable to provide rental clothing or changing facilities. But, we are able to offer our disabled guests changing facilities.
  • Price of your lift pass still includes boots, skis, poles, or a snowboard and a helmet
  • All our ski and snowboard equipment, including boots and helmets, are carefully sanitised and quarantined before each use
  • Please note that it is now mandatory for guests to wear a face covering while inside the BEYOND building including Alpine Street, Changing Village and whilst participating in activities on the snow. This will be enforced.


We're Good to Go - Visit England




We're Good to Go!

"We're Good to Go" is Visit England's new COVID-19 standard for leisure businesses operating through coronavirus pandemic. By meeting the criteria for this new standard we have demonstrated that Chill Factore has the necessary measures in place to work safely during COVID-19 with respect to providing a safe place for our guests to visit and our team members to work.