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Frequently asked questions

How do I know which party is for me?

We have a huge range of parties catering to all tastes and ages. Each activity has a minimum age requirement for all participants and, to make your choice easier, we've grouped parties by these minimum ages. Our most popular parties are Snow Play for toddlers & pre-school, and Altitude parties for older children. There are lots to choose from and if you've been before why not try something different this time?

What times are available?

Parties are available every day. The greatest demand is for weekends so you’ll need to book early. Weekdays are also popular after school.

Is there a minimum party size?

Yes, most parties have a minimum party size of 10 with the exception of air boarding and luge parties which have a minimum party size of 8. If you have an alternative group size please call us on 0161 749 2263.

Why can’t I find any availability for Ski or Snowboard Taster parties online?

If you’d like to book either a ski or snowboard taster party the easiest way is to email and we will get back to you, otherwise you can call on 0161 749 2263 or fill in the enquiry form as we will need to schedule an instructor to look after your party.

How long do the parties last?

You’ll have 45 - 60 minutes snow activity depending on your party followed by your party meal which will be around 45 minutes. The party meal is always taken after the snow activity.

What time do we need to arrive?

Please try to arrive 45 minutes before the activity start time, unless you're on a climbing party which is 15 minutes. You will be met approximately 30 minutes before the start time to make sure everyone is kitted out in time.

Will we get a group changing room?

Group changing rooms are subject to availability. However, there are always individual changing facilities available in the changing village. 

Will we always be situated in the party room?

Most of the time, however if this is not the case the plan for use of another room will be discussed by your party coordinator. 

Are any basic skills needed?

No, our parties are all designed for everyone to have fun in the snow and maybe try something different. Skills? Not necessary. Smiles? Guaranteed.

What do we need to wear?

Boots, helmets and equipment are all included in the price. Warm clothing and gloves are essential. We recommend you bring your own gloves; if anyone forgets you can buy them for £5 per pair. Jackets and trousers can be hired for £8 per set. Of course, if your guests prefer to, they can wear their own coats and trousers.

Do adults need to join in?

For all parties on the snow, adults will be required to be out with the children to act as a supervising adult - whilst also enjoying the snow fun! 

  • 1 supervising adult is required per 5 juniors over the age of 4.
  • 2 supervising adults are required for 5 juniors under the age of 4. 

The supervising adult places are included in the total price of the party - if you require any more information or any additional adult places, please contact the Party Team on 0161 749 2263. 

For adults not taking part - You get a great view of our parties from either the Mont Blanc balcony – remember a warm jacket – or through the panoramic windows in one of our many restaurants and bars.

Can parents dine with the children?

A separate table for parents can be booked in the Mont Blanc restaurant by calling 0161 749 2261. As the restaurant gets very busy, this is subject to availability and early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Parents who do book a table in the Mont Blanc restaurant must do so for the time that the children will be dining only. At the weekends a Snack Bar will be available for parents within the party room as well as additional seating.

Food, beverages and limited seating within the party room is strictly subject to availability, no individual party is entitled to reserve seating. Food and beverages within the party room will not be available during the week but seating will be available at all times.

During busy periods, parents of the birthday child will be welcome to join the children in the party room to supervise and take photographs.

Is there somewhere for parents and guardians to wait whilst the children are on the snow?

Parents can purchase food or drinks from any of the cafes/restaurants/bar on site and sit and watch the children on our balcony (wrap up warm, it gets cold out there!)

Can we reserve space for parents in the party room?

We can't guarantee a reserved table. However, we can provide extra chairs for the parents in the party room.

What are the snack options for parents?

Parents can purchase food and drinks from any of the cafes/restaurants/bar on site.

Can we pre-book and pay for food for extra parents?

Yes, but we do request that you give us enough notice and make sure this a pre-arranged plan. 

Can we arrange complimentary drinks for parents?

Drinks can be bought from any of the cafes/restaurants/bar on the site. 

What is the party food menu?

For children, you can choose between a no food, standard, supreme or superior party which refers to the food package.

Standard party menu:

Standard parties are suitable for younger children up to 2-6 yrs with portion sizes to suit.

  • Main course: Slice of cheese and tomato pizza & chips or Pasta in tomato sauce & chips.
  • Dessert: Vanilla Ice cream.
  • Drink: Blackcurrant or orange cordial drink.

Supreme party menu:

Supreme parties are suitable for all ages up to 2-6 yrs with portion sizes being slightly larger than the standard menu.

  • Main course: Burger & chips, Chicken nuggets & chips, Hot Dog & chips, Battered fish & chips or Pasta in tomato sauce & chips.
  • Dessert: Vanilla Ice cream or Sticky Toffee pudding.
  • Drink: Juice cartons (Forest fruits or apple juice). Additional cartons available at 50p each.

Superior Party Menu:

Superior parties are suitable for all ages up to 16yrs but mainly older children with portion sizes being larger to suit.

  • Main course: Any 10” trattoria pizza or Cheeseburger, chips and salad or Battered fish, chips and peas or Vegetarian lasagna and salad.
  • Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding and custard or Warm chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream or Ice cream sundae.
  • Drinks: Bottomless glass of Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7UP or Fanta.

For adults, you can choose between a no food or food party.

Adult Party Menu:

  • Main course: Char-grilled Chicken Caeser salad with anchovies or a home made 6oz burger in a floured barm with tomato relish and salad or any 10" Trattoria Pizza.
  • Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding and toffee sauce, Hot waffles with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream or warm chocolate brownies served with pouring cream.
  • Drinks: A bottle of beer, a glass of wine or a soft drink.

Please make Chill Factore aware of any food allergies in your party at least 2 weeks in advance of the party date. Failure to do so may result in members of your party being unable to participate in the party menus.

Can we swap menu items?

Unfortunately, the menus are set and we don't allow swapping. 

Can we change our food order prior to the party?

We do suggest against this as the chef uses this order when preparing the food. 

What are you options for people with food allergies?

Please inform us asap if you have special requirements, this allows us time to plan ahead. 

What are your Halal options?

Again, please try to let us know about special requirements so we can plan ahead. 

How long do we have in the party room?

45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Can we play our own music in the party room?

Unfortunately not, we are currently working on this. 

Can we bring hired characters to the party room?

You can hire characters to come with you to the party room. However, if there is another party in the party room we do discourage choosing Frozen characters for your party.

Can we decorate the table?

Yes, you can decorate the party table. You can decorate the table before the guests arrive or you could explain to staff how you would like the table decorating and they could do this for you. 

Can we organise party games for the children?

This depends on whether the party room is being shared by other parties or not. Discuss this matter with your party coordinator. 

Can we bring our own cake?

Yes of course! On arrival please take it upstairs to the Mont Blanc restaurant staff. We just ask that you've clearly labelled the box with your surname.

Do you have Chill Factore invitations?

We do. They’re FREE and will be posted out to you.

When you make your booking you can also choose to book party bags for just £2.85 each.

How do I book?

The easiest way to book is to call us on 0161 749 2263. That way if you have any queries we will be able to answer them and cater your party to your needs.

If we are busy and you would like a call back then please use the parties enquiry form at the bottom of each party page and we will contact you.

What if need to amendment or cancel my party booking?

Any cancellations or amendments to a party booking must be made in writing or by email.

The following cancellation policy applies to all party bookings:

  1. More than 1 month’s notice of the party date – cancellations and amendments made without any charge.
  1. 2-4 week’s notice of the party date – All booking cancellations will be charged at 50% of the booking value.
  1. Less than 2 week’s notice of the party date – Bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Please contact the party booking team as soon as possible so that we can endeavour to accommodate your needs. Discretion may be used by Chill Factore depending on your circumstances.

Can I add extra guests to my booking prior to the party?

You can increase the number of guests to the party, however this change is subject to availability. We cannot guarantee that there will be space on the activity. 

Oh no, I've left it too late…!

If you want to make a last minute booking, don’t worry. Just ring us on 0161 749 2263 and we'll try our best to help you with your query.