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Race Skills

After a long COVID enforced break, we're delighted to announce that race training sessions will return to Chill Factore on Tuesday 8th June 2021. These sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis on a Tuesday evening, with racers having exclusive use of the slope.

Our Race Skills Training is based on the SkillsQuest programme produced by the High-Performance department of the U.S Ski and Snowboard Association and has been adapted to suit an indoor centre. It provides a framework where technical skiing skills are taught, measured and tracked over time. Race Skills training target the 4 key technical areas; Edge, Pressure, Rotation and Coordination of steering. Race Skills training consists of:

Race Skills - Tuesday main slope exclusive

  • Under 11s: 18.00 - 19.50

  • 11+: 19.00-20.50


Race Skills Adult £55, and Race Skills Junior £45 for each session. Membership discounts of 30% apply.


Race Skills (Under 11s), Tuesday 18.00 – 19.50

Notes to Parents

For children aged under 11, skills development and fun outside of race gates is extremely important, which is why the Race Skills (Under 11) trainees will ski different courses and may have less gate time to the Race Skills (11+) group. 

 Children participating in Race Skills (Under 11) will only be permitted to participate in Race Skills (11+) when they are at least 11 years old and score an average of 7 or higher, in the Race Skills (Under 11) Assessment. 

Race Skills (Under 11) will always be coached according to each child’s development (physically, socially and technically) to manage any splits in abilities and ensure every child is being developed at their own pace.  Please respect the professional view of the coaches and understand both Race Skills sessions are the most advanced training groups of a broader skiing development pathway for Chill Factore guests. 

Race Skills (11+), Tuesday 19.00 – 20.50

Further Information

For further information, please see the following links:

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