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Main Slope Features!


For the first peak season ever, we're keeping features on the slope! From Wednesday to Friday for most weeks throughout peak season we will have two amazing features on the main slope. These features vary from table tops, big gassers and pipes.  


The features will be available to ride on the main slope all day Wednesday – Friday and will be included within your main slope Lift Pass and each week there will be features that appeal to a variety of skill levels. These features are accessible to everyone – so if you want to give it a go but have never had the chance – here is your time!


Why is there only two features?
Throughout the peak season we will be running an reduced course to assure that our snow quality is maintained throughout winter period. 


What is included with a Lift Pass?
When you book a Chill Factore lift pass, you receive access to the main slope and boots, skis, poles, helmets or a snowboard.  

 Week First Feature Second Feature
6th - 8th February Small Kicker Smooth Black Pipe
13th -15th February Small Kicker Big Gassers x2
20th - 22nd February Small Kicker Double Pink Boxes
27th - 1st March Small Kicker Smooth Black Pipe






1 hour Lift Pass 

Price includes: Boots, skis and poles or a snowboard and a helmet.

2 hour Lift Pass

Price includes: Boots, skis and poles or a snowboard and a helmet.

4 hour Lift Pass

Price includes: Boots, skis and poles or a snowboard and a helmet.




Main Slope requirements

In order to use our Main Slope, we ask that you:

  • Wear the correct clothing.
  • Can control your speed and direction.
  • Are comfortable with variable piste conditions.
  • Can link your turns.
  • Are able to use the button lift without assistance.
  • For guests using Terrain Challenge features helmets are compulsory

If you don’t meet all of the above requirements, why not book a course of Ski Lessons or Snowboard Lessons for more guidance before getting a Lift Pass?


Peak and off-peak times


  • Peak: After 6pm during weekdays and all day at weekends.
  • Off-peak: Before 6pm during weekdays.


Contact us for more details or check out our Private Ski Lessons and Snowboard Lessons if you want extra guidance before buying a snow slope Lift Pass.