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Telemark Festival 2021




On July 25th 2021 we are hosting the 10th Telemark Festival at Chill Factore.




The aim of this festival is to expose people to the world of telemark.




From those who have never telemarked before, to the experts; everyone who can ski to our recreational standards are welcome.




There will be coaching throughout the day from Manchester Cross Country Ski Club.


The festival will run from 10am until 4pm.


Please note: The smallest telemark boot we offer is UK5 (Mondopoint 24) and the largest UK11 (Mondopoint 30)

This Festival is not included in the Monthly Unlimited Pass.


What is Telemark Skiing

What is Telemark Skiing Show

Telemark skiing is a form of skiing that takes elements of Alpine and Nordic skiing and takes it's name from the region it originated in Norway, Telemark.

Unlike standard alpine skiing equipment, the binding on telemark skis only connects the boot to the ski at the toes, in a similar way to cross-country skiing, meaning movement on the slope, especially in rolling terrain, is more fluid.


Festival Requirements

Festival Requirements Show

In order to join the festival here at Chill Factore, we ask that you:

  • Wear the correct clothing.
  • Can control your speed and direction.
  • Stop safely.
  • Are comfortable with variable piste conditions.
  • Can link your turns.
  • Are able to use the button lift without assistance.

If you're not sure you meet all of the above requirements, it is best to book a Ski or Snowboard Lesson for more guidance before booking on the festival. If you are missing these requirements and go on the festival you will be asked to leave the main slope for your’s and others safety and your pass will not be refunded.

In line with the Government's guidance on the use of face coverings in enclosed public spaces, face coverings are now mandatory inside the BEYOND building, including Alpine Street and the Changing Village. Face coverings are also required at most times on the snow, including lifts, travellators, queues, socialising and whilst working with an instructor, but may be removed when descending a slope on skis / snowboard.


 To book the Telemark festival passes, visit