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August 2016

August 2016

Busy Busy Busy August!

I competed in the Anglo Welsh and British indoor championships the other week.  I am a first year under 12 so I am competing against girls up to 18 months older than me.  They are also much bigger.  I was a little disappointed to come 4th overall in both races.  At the Anglo Welsh Race I missed 3rd place by 0.12 seconds but I was the top girl born in 2006 by about 1.5 seconds (over a 16 second run).  The Ambition Coaches who I had been skiing the previous week were very impressed.  They showed me a video of my run and where I could have got quicker.

Its The Brits

I tried my new skis for the British Championships.  This time I was in second place after the first run but it was very close between the top girls and one of them had fallen on her first run.  We all went quicker on our second runs but I ended up 4th, missing 3rd this time by 0.01 seconds.  I know how some of those Olympians feel missing 3rd by such a tiny margin.  Again I was almost 2 seconds ahead of the next girl born in 2006.

The best thing was that I am competing with girls a year older than me and I am getting faster and closer to them every time we race.  The worst thing was 0.01 seconds is a tiny amount of time!!

When I Grow Up...

Apart from Racing I have trained indoors with Ambition Racing at Chillfactore and JR Ski in Tignes.  My winter team CDC Performance have been in New Zealand but I am a little young to go out to New Zealand yet. I came second place in the Girls Dual Slalom races in the Ambition camp only losing to an under 16 girl and I came 3rd overall in the boys and girls under 12s races, well ahead of anyone of my age or younger.  I came second in their Overall Assessment of Best Performer of the Camp.

A bit further back in June, I went to Dubai with my “winter team” CDC Performance for a week’s training in their ski dome.  We trained very hard and did lots of exciting things when we weren’t training including meeting a family or penguins, completing a deep water assault course and having an afternoon off at the Wild Wadi Waterpark.  On the last day there were races open to everyone in Dubai.  On  two very long courses with full gates (minis usually ski smaller stubbies), I won the Over 12s title (boys and girls) by about 7 seconds and came 4th lady overall.  After the races the CDC team all went to the pool in our boots, helmets and swim suits.


In the summer I do lots of things to help build my confidence, strength and fitness.  I have a special programme for fitness including 7 muscle group workouts that I do 5 times a week, designed for me by the Conditioning Coach at CDC Performance.  The team physio gave me extra exercises to do to reduce the chance of injuries happening when I’m older.  They include core work, jumping onto these big boxes, squatting and chin ups on a special bar my dad bought me. My dad gave me a challenge as my Core Exercises are quite hard. By 25th August I have to do a plank for 2 mins 30secs, side planks on both sides for 1 minute and 30 press ups, all without a rest.  If I do I will earn the final “points” I need to get a mobile phone. I have been able to do this for about 2 weeks so, I am looking forward to getting my first mobile soon.  I do lots of cycling both on roads and in the hills with my Mum and Dad. 

Tignes 2016


I went to Tignes for a summer training camp.  After skiing every morning, we did: Paddle boarding for balance and upper body strength which I had never been able to do ( I used to fall into the water); White Water Rafting; trampolining; played tennis; swimming; mountain biking and best of all, they had a tower with an airbag below it.  It had two heights 5 metres and 8mtrs.  I jumped off both and then did the 8 mtr jump as many times as I could.

At home apart from skiing we have been to Alton Towers, I helped my Mum and Dad cut down huge hedges in the garden (I lifted some logs to help with my shoulder strength) and my best friend Ruben and I went to meet all the Sale Sharks players at their open day.  My Dad and I have been season ticket holders at Sale Sharks since I was 5 and the players are always great, friendly but very big !!!! My favourite player is Sam James who calls me his lucky charm as I walked out onto the pitch with him last year and he scored a try within 1 minute !!

Like I Said, Busy August

I have done some school work most days.  As I have to be abroad a lot in the autumn and winter I need to keep ahead of my school work.  My school let me go to competitions and training camps as long as I keep up with my work so I do about an hour’s work every day to get me ahead.  I am also a School Buddy so I help the littler children and I am a role model for sports in School, encouraging children to do as much sport as they can. My next door neighbour is an ice skater so she took me skating.  I could balance ok and skated very quickly but fell over a lot.  I love trampolining and doing flips and tumbles so apart from jumping on my trampoline in the garden we have been to a couple of trampoline parks including the Oxygen Park across from Chillfactore.

I have also been to Aerial Extreme at Knowsley and did the top two levels (8mtrs and 13 mtrs off the ground) of the High Wires Course and the power jump at the end (twice it was so cool).  Many of theactivities are designed to help me (and my mum and dad) stay fit but also to allow me to overcome fears so that when I am standing at the top of ski course, I can remember them and know that whilst I was scared, I still did them.  It’s all confidence building and proves to me that I can do things that might be a little scary if I believe in myself.

One special thing I did over the summer was keep a big secret.  My Outdoor Coaches Chemmy Alcott and Dougie Crawford are going to have a baby. The CDC team were told before they went to New Zealand so we all knew and understood the extra coaches who are going to be with us over the winter.  I had to keep it very quiet even though I was so excited.  I couldn’t even tell my Grandma but I did tell my dog.  When it was made public in “Hello” Magazine I could talk about it.

I've Been Insipred By The Olympians

I’ve loved watching all the Olympics.  My Dad recorded lots of it for me and we watched it together. The Olympics have already inspired me as the first time I remember watching the Olympics was in Sochi.  I watched the GB skiers, boarders, skaters, sliders and curlers and loved it. I heard Chemmy Alcott speak about what it meant to her coming to a 4th games, injured but still going to give it everything.  She made the top 20 with a fracture in her leg.  She was my first inspiration. I decided then that I was going to go to the Olympics and win a medal. Now she is my outdoor coach and she is still my inspiration and she never accepts anything but my very best.

This time I loved everything, but especially the gymnastics and the cycling.  The cycling was so exciting and it was great to hear how focussed the cyclists are in making every tiny thing count.  The Team GB Team Pursuit ladies were amazing.  I was shouting at the TV all the way.  I felt really sorry for the lady road racer who fell off.  I thought she was dead when she didn’t move as others went past her.  I wanted to offer her my skiing body armour but I guess that would have slowed her down.

It was the gymnastics that really inspired me.  Our gymnasts were brilliant but Simone Biles, the American Champion was the one that had the greatest effect on me.  She was fantastic and I watched everything she did with my mouth wide open.  She really inspired me and proved to me that anything is possible.  Like me she was adopted after a very difficult start in her life. She has achieved so much after being neglected as a little girl (like I was), by working hard, believing that she can be the best and letting nothing stand in her way with the support and love of her forever family and her friends.  At the same time she seems like a normal teenager, just with lots of gold medals. I loved her face when Zac Efron knocked on her door as he had heard she was a fan of his, so he flew down to see her.  I hope that when I get to the Winter Olympics that happens to me but not Zac Efron - he will be too old by then!!!   If I can combine Simone and Chemmy’s determination to not let anything get in the way of their dreams and work hard I know I can achieve my dreams too.

I've Outgrown My Own Skis!

We have had to buy some new Slalom and Giant Slalom Race skis (longer skis) both Dynastar this time as over 2 months I have grown 10 cms.  I have also had to buy new ski Boots as my feet are much bigger.  I now have size 5 ½ feet and they are wide fitting which is quite big for a 10 year old.  I needed to add some flex rating to my boots so I have moved to Lange Boots.  My other Sponsors Futurum, the children’s Animation Producers, have helped us by paying for my new kit.  I am very grateful that they have been able to help me taking steps to my skiing dream.

Next Month Is Just Around The Corner

I was due to race in the ERSA races and British Ski Cross (to defend my Title) but instead I am going to Scotland for a fun week of outdoor activities…white water rafting, high wires and ropes and mountain biking, with my best friend Ruben.  He wants to be a professional Rugby player so we do lots of things together.  I always win but he sometimes lets me I think.  At the end of September I am going to Landgraaf in the Netherlands for the Lowlands Skiing Championships with CDC Performance. It’s a series of races against skiers from Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg.  Last year I did really well finishing on the podium. I’m also looking forward to seeing Chemmy Alcott and talking to her baby in her tummy. 

I am going back to school after the trip to Scotland and when I go back I will be in Year 6, my last year in Primary School.  I will be visiting some schools to decide where I am going from year 7 onwards.  Its very important as I need to find a school that will help me with my skiing trips the same way that Mrs Green and all the staff at Green Meadow Independent Primary School have done.

It's All About The Confidence

I went to Tignes for a week’s training on the Glacier in the mornings.  Three of the other Chillfactore Alpine Sponsored Athletes were there, Jo Huppach, Jack Upton and Shannon Potter.  We mixed up slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G courses.  In the afternoons, we did activities to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and improve balance and flexibility.  I also attended Ambition’s Manchester Training Camp for a week, working on all my skiing and racing skills.  On top of that I have been to Tuesday and Sunday sessions alongside Cross Snow Sports training over moguls and freestyle training.  Off the snow I have worked on my fitness programme to help improve flexibility, core strength and confidence, all of which are very important for skiing.

Just This Last Thing...

It's great to be on the Sponsored Athletes programme, so thanks to Chill Factore.  It is amazing walking up the stairs at Chillfactore during the Ambition Camp I did this month and seeing my pictures on the wall for the first time…not just the individual and team photos but seeing me as the background to the big photo made me so happy, but as it is in pink its even better!  Seeing them makes me train harder, ski faster and work every day to be the best I can.


Lots of Love


Caitlin xxxx

10/28/2016 3:22:11 PM

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