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Caitlin Baldwin

Caitlin Baldwin


Full name: Caitlin Emily Baldwin

Birth Year or DOB: 2006

Discipline: Alpine skiing but I also race Ski Cross

Home Town: Warrington

2 Random Facts about Myself:  

When I was 8 and in Florida, I was mistaken by a number of little girls for the young Princess Anna from “Frozen”.  My hair was plaited and had gone blonde in the sun at the front. I was walking along singing the song “For the First Time in Forever”. At the end I tripped up like Anna did in the Film by accident and these little girls ran up to me and asked me “Are you the real young Princess Anna ?”

If I wasn’t a skier I would want to be a singer and go on the X Factor. I sing all the time. I love singing on ski lifts and sometimes my coaches join in, especially Chemmy Alcott. Before big races I sit on my own and sing to myself.

My Career highlight/Favourite Moment so far:

Winning the British Indoor Series under 10s Championship in 2015 was great as I had to ski well over 5 races around the country.  As that year the Anglo Welsh and British Championships were part of the Series, it was really cool to win those races too.

My favourite skiing moment was when I was training in Austria in November 2015.  My out-door Coach and World Cup Racer and 4 time Olympian, Chemmy Alcott took me down a black run, telling me to sit behind her and ski fast.  It was the fastest I have ever skied and afterwards I didn’t stop smiling for about 3 hours.

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