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Amber Meikle-Janney

Amber Meikle-Janney


Full Name: Amber Meikle-Janney

Birth Year or DOB: 20th April 1999

Discipline: Para-Alpine Skiing (I compete in the sitting category)

Home Town: Huddersfield

2 Random Facts about Myself:

I love brains and the nervous system and am planning to study neuroscience in the future.

I am mentally about 74 as I do a lot of knitting! I have made hats for many of my friends and teammates.

My Career highlight/Favourite Moment so far:

Becoming an invitational athlete with the British Para-Snowsport team. I was also the only female sit-skier at the first ever British para-alpine national championships (I fell over in the actual race, so didn’t finish - but I was still there!

10/28/2016 2:40:42 PM

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