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August 2016

August 2016

A Rather Quiet August, Wouldn't You Say?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do any skiing this month as I had an operation and now have casts on both legs for 6 weeks. This whole not-skiing thing is rather torturous - I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms!

I had an operation at the end of July to release both of my Achilles tendons and the tendons in my toes to allow my ankles to bend and get my heels down. Since then I have been doing a lot of resting and physio in the hope that I will be able to stand and maybe take a few steps with my walking frame again.

To help pass to time I've been keeping up with the Olympics. I have been watching bits of many events, but nothing particularly closely. I am waiting for the proper Olympics to start (the Paralympics of course!).

So a rather quite month for me. The casts on my legs will be coming off in early September, so I will be able to start skiing again then, both in training and for the beginning of the next season. I will be able to see what difference having feet that stay in place on the footrest of my monoski will make to my performance. I will also be going through more intense physio to get the most out of my operation.

10/28/2016 3:05:23 PM

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