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Fynnlay Loupis

Fynnlay Loupis


Full name: Fynnlay Loupis

Birth Year or DOB: 2006

Discipline: Freestyle Skier

Home Town: Church Lawton, Cheshire

2 Random Facts about Myself:

I’m 30 mins younger than my identical twin Paulie, but I’m about an inch taller than him!

I have a dog called Kyro, he’s named after a skateboarder called Aaron Kyro.

My Career highlight/Favourite Moment so far:

My favourite moment so far was the day I found out Chill Factore sponsored me, it was amazing. I was so happy to be given a chance to better myself on snow, as majority of my skiing has been on dry slopes. Now I can practise and get even better on snow thanks to Chill, I feel privileged. A career highlight for me was when I had the courage to do my first back flip, it was so scary but I committed to it and now I can do really nice laid back ones.



10/28/2016 4:39:48 PM

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