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August 2016

August 2016

My August So Far

I competed in a few events this month, here is how I did!

GBR Indoor Series Race 4 – 5th in Under 16's

GBR Indoor Series Race 5 – 5th in Under 16's

The best part of the race weekend was that we travelled to the race in our 40 year old VW Campervan & it didn’t breakdown as normal the way, we stayed over at a nearby campsite with friends from Manchester Ski Racing who had a Caravan, we spent Saturday night servicing out skis outdoors ready for the next day’s race.  

Anglo Welsh Indoor Championships – 14th in Under 16's, I fell on my first run due to clipping a gate, but managed to get back up & finished the race, so I got a really bad combined time!

British Indoor Championships – 6th in Under 16's, didn’t have a great first run, but managed to pull it back with a really good second run. 

DSUK Access for all Race – 1st in Age group & 2nd overall, really enjoyed this race, it was great fun & I got to meet and ski with some really inspirational people, I do this race every year.  

My other Hobbies...

I have tried water skiing for the first time ever at Sale Marina, it was really great & I will definitely be going again, it was so great that I has 2 sessions on the same night.

I had Guilder lessons at Camphill flying club in Derbyshire, due to Skiing, I only get to go to the club about once a month, but it’s really great fun, I have learnt lots about weather conditions & safety checks on the aircrafts.

I have been having car driving lessons since the age of 11 with “Young Driver” I love driving & learning about road safety, and it will be great preparation for when I’m old enough to take my test.

Keeping Up With The Stars!

I have been watching the Olympic every day, and have the medial total counter on phone, the greatest moment for me was when Mo Farah Fell in the 10,000 Mtr but got backup the win the gold medal, this really inspired me to never give up & always get backup to complete every race.

Bryony Page winning Silver in Trampoline was amazing, on one expected her to win, but she did an amazing routine to take a metal.       

I have watched all the highlights, including Usain Bolt winning the 3 Golds, I met Usain & Mo Farah a couple of years ago at the Great Manchester Run, both were really nice & very chatty.   

My Shopping Cart Is Full!

I bought some new equipment this month too, Leki Salom Race Poles & Bollie Race Helmet, Bollie Goggles, Head GS Skis, Northface ski pants & Level Groves.    

English Mogul Squad Training

I’m flying our today to do some Water Ramp Training at Acrobat Park in the Chez Republic, this is to prefect my Backflips & 360, I’m also working on my 540’s & superman front flips. The training was arrange by the English Mogul squad, but the trip had to be cancelled at the last minute due to an issues with the coaches, so my mum offered to still take & another athlete as we couldn’t get a refund on the flights we booked, we have managed to arrange training with Alisha who is the Slovenia National Mogul Team coach. I was also going to do the British Ski Cross & ERSA races at the Chill Factore on my return, but these have now been postponed.        

When I return, I’m going to try Telemark skiing for the first time, I’ve not done it before & it looks really different to the way I ski at the moment, but will be fun to give it a try!

Mikey Dunne Chez Republic
Mikey Dunne Chez Republic

Its Important To Stay Fit!

I've been training with my Personal trainer Nick from DNA Performance every Friday night, I do Trampoline Training every Monday & Friday with the Salford Trampoline squad, I go trampolining at Oxygen every Tuesday night before race training with friends from Manchester Ski Racing & Trampoline training at my school Holms Chapel High every Wednesday & also with Cross Snow Sports 1-2 a month, I also enjoy cycling with my Dad & also BMXing with Cross Snow Sports. I’m also always skateboarding on my Penny Board to improve my balance & fitness. Here are some of my regular training activities. 

  • Ski Race training every Tuesday & Sunday at Chill Factor.
  • Mogul & Flatlands training everything time the moguls are out at the Chill Factore & Xcape.
  • Freestyle training with Guillaume at Chill Factore every Second Friday.
  • Freestyle Training at Halifax with JT Training.
  • Freestyle Training at Stoke most Wednesday.   
  • Chill Factore 3day combi camp.
  • 1 weeks Ambition Racing camp at Chill Factore.
  • Ski Cross Training with Cross Snow Sports at Chill Factore, also Trampoline & BMX Training nights.  

Just This Last Thing...

I got to meet one of my skiing hero’s Eddie the Egle Edwards, real big thanks to the Chill Factore to bring him to the slope, he was a really nice guy who signed my Film Posters & original Record, I even got to race him down the slope & had loads of pictures taken with him, plus I’m now friends with him on Facebook, he was a real inspiration to me.

I try my first backflip at the Chill Factore, I was so close to landing it on, but kept getting back up for another try, I’ll definitely land it on the next freestyle night.

I brought my friend Kian to try freestyle skiing for the first time, I have be sent pictures of Kian & I at the Chill Factore to Blue Peter to hopefully win a Blue Peter Badge.   


On Saturday 5th August I took part in a charity event at Manchester Children’s Hospital, we have been going to the event for the last 4 years, the event is arrange my Dads friend Tony from the Volkswagen Beach Buggy Club to raise money for the Hospital, he arranged the event after they save his daughters life after a house riding accident, unfortunately she has been left paralysed, the Hospital has also treated me following a number a accidents in Skiing & BMX Racing, plus an operation on my ear when I was young, so it really means a lot to me to raise money & also cheer the poorly Child up. We arrived at the Children’s Hospital at around 11am in our 1970’s Volkswagen Beach Buggy & take poorly Children from the Hospital for rides around the hospital, we them drive through the centre of Manchester to raise money, it’s a great event, everyone had a great time & we raised lots of money.

On Sunday the 6th I attended Volkswagen North West at Tatton Park, we Had our Buggy on display & also our camper van parked up, I spent most of the day collecting money for the Manchester Children’s Hospital, and giving out Stickers & Balloons to the young Childre.

Mikey Dunne Tatten ParkMikey Dunne Tatten Park

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