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Beginner Ski Package at Chill Factore

Booking a beginner ski package at Chill Factore is really simple. Choose the package that works around you, book your slot and turn up raring to go! It’s as easy as that. At Chill Factore, we offer beginner ski packages, with beginner ski lessons to suit you. So, whether you’re pushed for time and you’d like to brush up on your skills in one day, or you’d prefer to work your lessons around your existing schedule - at the UK’s longest real-snow ski slope, we’ve got you covered.

A beginner ski package to suit everyone

There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to ski and we understand that a single beginner ski package may not be suited for everyone. That’s why we have a flexible learning system, where you can learn at a pace that suits you best.

Maybe you’re planning a winter holiday and you want to really master the basics before you go. Or perhaps you’ve skied before, but it was so long ago you’ve forgotten all the skills you once knew. If this sounds like you, then an intensive day on the snow might be the best option. Our full day beginner ski package allows you to get to grips with the equipment and develop your confidence moving around on the flat, before developing your snow plough, mastering turns, and eventually trying out your skills on the lower gradient of our main slope. All in one day!

Or perhaps you’d like some break time in between each session to really absorb what you’ve learned. Our two-day beginner ski packages will allow you to over the course of two consecutive days. This package is ideal if you want to learn fast, but your body (and mind) needs time to wind down between concentrated bursts of learning.

If you have a busy schedule, or if you have children, then our three-week beginners ski package would be ideal for you. Your sessions will be spread over three consecutive weeks allowing you to learn in bitesize chunks. These sessions will usually be held on the same day each week. Great if you’ve already got lots of commitments, or if you’re happy just to learn at your leisure.

Beginner ski packages at Chill Factore

  • One-day beginner ski package
    • An intensive day of learning (with a lunch break included) where you’ll familiarise yourself with the equipment, master basic movements, develop your snow plough, learn how to turn on the snow and eventually hit the lower gradient of our main slope.
  • Two-day beginner ski package
    • Sessions over two consecutive days, where you can give your body (and mind) time to absorb information between each session. You’ll cover the same criteria as the one-day session, but just over a longer period.
  • Three-week beginner ski package
    • This package is ideal if you’re wish to learn in bitesize lessons, or if you have lots of commitments in your diary already. You’ll spend the same time on the snow as you would with the one and two-day sessions, but just over a longer time period. Sessions are held over three consecutive weeks and usually on the same day per week.

Learning how to ski for beginners

  • Learn how to secure your snow-boots into your skis
  • Practice clipping your skis off, and how to carry your skis
  • Master basic movement and sliding on a flat
  • Develop your snow plough to control speed
  • Link turns together and ski downhill

At Chill Factore, learning how to ski for beginners is handled carefully and sensitively by our trained experts. All our instructors are certified by BASI or equivalent and are able to adapt their training to suit your learning style. When learning how to ski as a beginner in our real-snow centre, you will be in a totally one-to-one environment – free to ask questions and focus on the areas that need more attention as your skiing develops.

Our sessions will help you get up to speed with the basics. From learning how to clip your boots into your skis, how to remove your skis safely and how to carry them most efficiently – to learning basic postures and movement. You’ll also develop your snow plough (to help you control your speed on the snow) and master basic turns.

At Chill Factore, we can provide the most authentic learning experience you’ll find in the UK, which helps to prepare you for the slopes and moguls of the mountains. All our beginner ski training is carried out on real snow. You’ll familiarise yourself with the uneven and unpredictable surface of real snow (although we do rake over the snow every night just to make your learning as comfortable as possible). Once you’ve built your confidence, you’ll experience the rush of other learners speeding down the slope alongside you, and you’ll master the button lift too!

If you’d like to find out more about beginner ski packages at Chill Factore, contact our team today. Or if you’re ready to book, you can do so with our online booking system. See you on the snow!

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