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Can I go skiing without lessons?

One of the questions we get asked a lot before people visit us here at Chill Factore is ‘can I go skiing without lessons?’. Skiing is not like a lot of other sports and activities. You can’t really just pick up a set of skis for the first time and cruise down the slopes. So although the answer to this question when put simply is actually yes, in this article, we look at why learning to ski before you go skiing for the first time is really important.

Why learning to ski before taking to the slopes is so important

We have all been there, potentially even more so during the lockdown period, where we watch a sport for the first time ever or maybe the first time in a while and decide that we want to have a go at it. Skiing is no different. In 2018, following the launch of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, according to Google Trends, searches for the phrase ‘learning to ski’ spiked in popularity over the launch weekend. Chill Factore alone saw a 56% increase of new visitors to their website from the start of the opening weekend to the end of it.

What usually happens with most other sports at this stage is research into your local club or facility and what dates or times you can give the activity a go. Of course, you can do the same with skiing, but our experts here at Chill Factore recommend a different approach.

Rather than just booking a lift pass on your local ski slope, we recommend you at least book a beginner ski lesson to pick up the basics. The reason we believe this to be so important is not least for your own safety because, let’s face it, an injury that occurs through skiing can have a far more significant impact on a person than in most other sports, but also because you would actually be a potential danger to others on the slope.

How easy is it to learn to ski?

There isn’t really a definitive answer to this question.

How quickly or how easily you find learning to ski is down to the individual. For beginners, however, the basics of skiing are relatively easy to pick up. In addition, there are many similarities between learning to ski at the beginner level with other sports such as running, rollerblading, and ice skating.

So the answer we give to our customers is that learning to ski for the first time can be a relatively simple experience, provided you are committed to what our instructors have to say. You can learn more about the difficulties involved with learning to ski by looking out for the article we will be sharing next week.

What lessons do Chill Factore run to help people to learn to ski?

Chill Factore has just reopened its slopes in line with the Government’s Coronavirus Roadmap last week. As part of our Covid-compliant offering, we are running skiing lessons for skiers of all abilities. Our beginner lessons will help build confidence on the slopes, and our private ski lessons are designed to suit your individual requirements.

For those skiers who are not looking at learning to ski but just want to get back on the slopes, we are running hourly lift passes to ensure we remain in compliance with social distancing. We should note that to ensure the very best safety standards on our slope, we do require all visitors to meet our main slope standards before use. You can find information on these in our terms and conditions. Alongside this, the Snow Park is open once more for people of all ages, ideal for families looking to book a day on the slopes.

So to answer the question, ‘can I go skiing without lessons?’ the answer is yes, although we would only recommend this if you have some skiing experience. However, if you have not, you can still enjoy a great time on the slopes by learning to ski with Chill Factore’s comprehensive list of Covid-friendly skiing lessons.

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