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Can you learn to ski in one day?

Just booked a last-minute ski holiday to the Alps and suddenly realised it’s been a while since you last hit the slopes? We’re hearing this more and more at the moment as so many of you missed out on last year’s ski season. Fear not! If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘can you learn to ski in one day?’, the ski instructors at Chill Factore have got you covered. Or, if you fancy taking your time and learning over a number of weeks or months, we can help with that too! Read on to find out more about learning to ski in one day and other ways you can get yourself slope-ready in time for your ski break.

Can you learn to ski in one day?

Although our expert ski instructors would recommend learning to ski over a longer period of time, the answer is, in theory, yes you can learn to ski to a decent level in one day. If you’ve left your skiing lessons to the last minute and you’re about to jet off to the Alps in a matter of days, an intensive course of lessons over a period of six hours should get you ready for the slopes!

What about learning to ski over a longer period of time?

If you’re more of an organised kind of person and have weeks left to go before you board your flight, you will benefit from learning to ski over a longer period of time. It’s no secret that skiing can sometimes be trickier to master for total beginners, so taking your time to learn and develop your skills will definitely stand you in better stead once you do hit the Alps.

No matter your skill level or age, you’ll find a ski lesson that’s right for you. From beginner skiing lessons to skills development coaching, your local ski centre can have you ready to hit the slopes in no time!

What can you do at home to supplement your skiing lessons?

We all lead such busy lives, but when it comes to learning how to ski, it’s important to supplement the learning you do with an instructor on the ski slopes with exercises you can do at home (or in the gym!)

Skiing is an invigorating sport that can take its toll on your muscles. Professional skiers may look very serene when they’re skiing down the mountain slopes, but in reality, it takes a lot of core strength and muscle power to get it right.

In order to build up this core strength and work out your muscles in between your skiing lessons we recommend doing the following ski exercises at home:

  • Core exercises such as planks or exercises such as yoga or pilates
  • Cardiovascular exercise such as running, cycling or swimming
  • Leg exercises such as squats, lunges and step-ups
  • Arm exercises such as pushups, bicep curls and tricep dips
  • Introducing some weight lifting or resistance training to really build your muscle’s capability

Visit the expert ski instructors at Chill Factore

Ready to learn to ski in one day or over a longer period of time? The expert ski instructors at Chill Factore have got you covered! Head down to the UK’s biggest indoor ski slope and meet the team who will get you ready to hit the Alps in no time!

Choose from group lessons, skiing lessons for kids, skills development coaching, or lessons on the main slope for those who are a little more advanced. No matter your skill level, we are more than happy to get you where you need to be!

Visit our ski lessons page now and book a lesson with our expert instructors today. You’ll soon be whizzing down the mountain slopes looking as serene as the pros!

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