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How much does the average ski trip cost?

Working out the funds required for a trip, whether for a family holiday or a personal trip to explore the always a daunting task. When it comes to looking at the cost of a skiing holiday, it can be even more difficult. When working out the cost of a skiing holiday, there’s a lot more to sort out and book than a beach break, such as lift passes, ski rental, ski lessons, accommodation, and so on. In this article, we take a closer look at the cost of skiing holidays and how you could have a much cheaper alternative right here on your doorstep.

What is the average cost of a skiing holiday?

Skiing has traditionally been an expensive sport. For many, when you think about a skiing holiday, the amount of ££ needed seems to be much more than your average beach holiday. A question frequently on every new skier’s lips is: how much will all this cost me? When it comes to planning out ski holidays, you need to consider a range of factors in terms of cost. We will look into these in more detail below.


When planning your trip and looking into the cost of a skiing holiday, you need to consider the location you wish to visit and how much your flights will cost. The popular skiing location most commonly thought of is the Alps, meaning that you’ll have to consider your travel costs when planning this trip. There’s a whole range of low budget airlines that offer cheap flights to Europe, but you’ll still be looking anywhere in the region of £80 - £200 at least for your travel if you do wish to go abroad. If you don’t wish to fly to your destination, you can consider alternative means of travel like the train or driving to your skiing resort. Both of these options are more cost-effective than flying, are better for the environment, and allow more luggage transportation. However, these options do also incur a cost that will set you back some more money.


With the introduction of Airbnb and other more flexible accommodation options, there’s a range of places available for you to stay during your ski holiday. Many tour operators offer a range of deals on accommodation to fit within the now competitive market. In terms of the accommodation cost of your skiing holiday, you’ll probably be looking at around £150-£200 per person so you could be looking upwards of £700-£800 for your weekly stay for four people.

Ski rental

Your ski rental is an essential part of our skiing holiday. However, if you aren’t experienced and don’t have your own skis, you will need to rent some, incurring another trip cost. There are different levels of rental skis available, ranging from the cheapest bronze level through to the highest gold level - the most expensive. Try and be realistic about what type of skiing you will be doing as this will impact how much you need to spend. If you are a beginner, you won’t need to splash out on fancy skis. A standard piste ski will suffice. You’ll be looking between £50 - £80 per adult for beginner level skis. Another piece of equipment that we recommend you invest in is ski boots. Without proper fitting and appropriate footwear, you could cause some serious damage to your feet during your trip. If you are looking to rent some skiing equipment on your trip, we recommend you book them before you travel as often this ends up being a more cost-effective option.

Ski holidays have to include a lift pass

To allow you to ski on your trip, you’ve got to buy a lift pass. If you’re travelling with your family, buying a family of four tickets can be more cost-effective than individual tickets. For a family of four ticket for a week, you’ll be looking at somewhere in the region of £700-£900, depending on the peak and off-peak prices.

The price of ski holidays including lift passes and rentals

So, when you price all of this up, not including the cost of food, drinks, and spending money, you could be looking at a ski holiday cost of up to £1,980. A bit more expensive than you imagined, right?! This is where places like Chill Factore come into play. Based here in the North West of England, Chill Factore is home to the UK’s largest indoor ski slope.

Chill Factore’s lift pass

A Chill Factore Lift Pass is ideal for skiers and snowboarders who want to develop their techniques and have fun. Whether you’re a little rusty on the snow or just want to push yourself harder, we’ve got everything you need right here on your doorstep. No need to travel abroad or price up expensive accommodation. For a fraction of the cost of going abroad, you could treat yourself to an unlimited lift pass and go wild on the snow. A trip to Chill Factore is the ski holiday, including lift passes, that you never thought possible. A much cheaper and family-friendly option, we have all of the facilities and options available so you can make your skiing trip better than you could have imagined. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the lift passes and ski lessons available.

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