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The benefits of real snow slopes over dry ski slopes

Did you know there are nearly 100 dry ski slopes and snow centres across Great Britain alone? With this vast array of slopes and centres, there is ample of opportunity for Brits to enjoy a taste of skiing and snowboarding and without the hefty price tag of travelling abroad. UK ski centres are also great places to brush up on your snow skills so you can maximise your ski time when in the mountains.

Check out what we think are the benefits of both real snow slopes and dry ski slopes.

The great outdoors vs consistent weather

There are many benefits to dry ski slopes over real snow centres, one being that dry ski slopes allow you to experience skiing or snowboarding outside in the open air. Those who visit dry ski slopes receive the benefit of enjoying a few runs while basking in the sun but they also experience the rain.

One of the main benefits of real snow centres is the weather-reliability. Indoor centres have the ability to keep the conditions consistent throughout the year allowing guests to ski and snowboard all year round, without having to worry about the unpredictable British weather. This makes them the perfect place to practice, train and learn 364 days a year!

Bristles vs Snow

Dry ski slopes tend to be more unforgiving than snow. Dry ski slopes are made up of plastic bristles which can tear at your clothes and even hurt when you fall over. Although this might not be seen as a bad thing to some and may even encourage you not to fall.

Real snow slopes allow for guests to learn and experience the slopes without having to worry about ruining their kit and hurting themselves as much. While there is still a risk of injury similar with any sport, the soft blanket of snow allows you to break your fall a little easier. It also allows for a larger margin of error, and it can be easier to learn on.

Quieter Slope vs Feel of a real mountain

If you want to avoid lift lines and get more runs in during the winter season then dry ski slopes are ideal. Dry slopes tend to be a little quieter than indoor snow centres and are relatively inexpensive but they do not allow you to experience the feel of a real mountain.

Nothing allows you to experience a snowy mountain in the UK quite like an indoor snow centre. With cool air and fresh snow every night, it provides guests with both the look and feel of skiing and snowboarding on mountainous terrain.

Check out Origym’s article on the best snow centres and dry ski slopes in the UK!

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