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Sub Zero

Sub ZeroPerfect for groups of 25 to 100 people.

There's nothing like a little friendly competition to bring people out of their shells and get them working together.

Our Sub Zero Race Challenge offers a series of contests to give everyone - regardless of age, fitness or job title - the chance to contribute and compete.Whether it's department battling department, girls against guys or boardroom versus shop floor, this is a lively challenge that gets everyone excited. 

Sub Zero Activities:

Sledging Relay: We give each of your teams a single sledge and a set time on the clock - the team that makes the most runs comes out on top.

Tubing Drag Race: Like the sledging relay, but this time your teams race to see how many runs they can make on one of our huge rubber rings.

Team Luge Slide: Each team takes a turn down our 60m Luge - the winner can be the team with the fastest individual run, the best combined team run or the quickest average time.

Sledge Build: Not just a race but a test of ingenuity and teamwork. Your teams need to create their own sledges before pitting them against their opponents in a time trial.

Igloo Build –The clock is set and our igloo is lying in 20 separate pieces at the centre of our maze. It's up to your teams to see if they can work together to put the giant 3D puzzle together - the team with the most pieces in place wins.

Package includes:

  • Hire or waterproof jacket and trousers for each team member.
  • Dedicated group host on the day.
  • Event coordinator.
  • Helmet and boot hire.
  • Exclusive use of Snow Park.

*Prices can vary depending on your number and your needs - just give us a call to discuss.