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Welcoming Fresh Snow

Welcoming Fresh Snow

Come and experience it for yourself!

As many of you may have noticed, it's been snowing in Manchester over the past few weeks and for those of you who have witnessed it, the view was quite spectacular.


Now the planned maintenance on the snow is successfully complete and as a result, we have freshly laid new white snow for our guests to enjoy. One of our regulars, Dave Knowles has definitely been making the most of our ideal setting. Here's what he had to say:


"The snow is fantastic at the moment. It’s more beginner friendly. A vast improvement from last year. The snow stays in a better condition for longer throughout the day. Good value as well!"


Don't just read about our great snow conditions, book yourself an activity and test it out for yourself. We are really pleased with our new fresh snow, it is crisp and white. It also gleams under our lights. 


Our fresh snow has your name on it so book a Lift Pass and hone your skills, feel the rush and make fresh tracks from just £13.99 NOW!



5/31/2017 4:31:32 PM

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