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Indy grabs and ollie jumps: snowboarding for beginners

Indy grabs and ollie jumps: snowboarding for beginners

When it comes to snowboarding for beginners, it can often be a scary prospect - after all, it’s just you and a board, hoping for some kind of connection. However, here at Chill Factore, it’s a very different story. Our unique lesson plans, freestyle sessions and highly qualified instructors are just some of the features that will have you confidently learning to ride a snowboard in no time. Read on to discover more about how we can ease you into one of the ‘coolest’ sports out there.

Lessons on how to snowboard for beginners

We don’t like to brag, but our snowboarding lessons are kind of a big deal. Total beginners can jump straight into Taster Snowboard Lessons and quickly master the absolute basics - from how to use equipment, to posture and balance (things that, if taken too lightly, can have highly embarrassing consequences)!

After this, you can graduate to Beginner Snowboard Lessons, and learn how to control ‘toe edge’ and ‘heel edge’ (where your feet are on the board - again, hugely important), on our real snow slope. We like to take it slow when it comes to learning how to snowboard for beginners, and want you guys to be totally comfortable.

Want to work on something a little more specific? Our Specialist Lessons offer the chance to experience a whole new side of snowboarding for beginners. Our terrain challenges are ideal for learning new tips and tricks in a freestyle-appropriate environment, while our Race Skills course teaches practical skills while measuring your times. There really is something for everybody at Chill Factore!

Freestyle: the Holy Grail of snowboarding

You may think that freestyle snowboarding is decades away and totally out of reach, as a snowboarding beginner. While you have to build up to these kinds of tips and tricks, our fast-track lessons can offer you the chance to impress your friends with Indy Grabs and Ollie Jumps a lot sooner than you may think.

Take things slowly to start with - you can’t go wrong with that, and our fully-trained coaches can be on-hand when you need them to be, to offer advice and show you exactly what to do. Hitting jumps has to be done gradually, so start on the smallest one you can find, that makes you feel comfortable and confident. You can do this!

Eventually, you will be able to land jumps with total expertise, start grinding on rails and boxes and work on grabbing the board while in the air. Our freestyle park is open seven days a week, and is the ideal place to build up your confidence.

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