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Why indoor skiing at Chill Factore could improve your snow skills

Why indoor skiing at Chill Factore could improve your snow skills

Developing your indoor ski skills has never been easier thanks to Chill Factore, situated conveniently next to the Trafford Centre in Manchester. We have a range of lessons designed for people hoping to expand their skill sets, possibly for that special annual holiday (you want to wow the crowd, we get it) or just to impress the rest of us here at Chill Factore.

Boosting your indoor ski skills with ease

We can’t always be hopping on planes and jetting off to colder pastures to practise our skiing - it just isn’t practical. We have to think of money, time and commitments - and those things can very quickly get in the way. Because of this, at Chill Factore, we like to work around you and your schedule. Our range of ski lessons can be done over three weeks, two days or even one day, depending on how much time you have.

So, why indoor ski? Our Improver Lessons have been expertly created by specialists at Chill Factore, for people to master the art of the snow plough turns, speed control and plough parallel techniques. If you have something specific in mind that you would like to brush up on, then our highly skilled instructors can help you find the best way.

Our Developer Lessons are a little more advanced, and have been created for people that are already confident skiers who want to become even more competent in the art. The benefits of indoor skiing include convenience and cost-efficiency. It means that an expert in the field can dedicate their time to help you develop the skills you would like to strengthen.

Expanding indoor ski tricks at Chill Factore

The longest indoor ski slope in the UK provides 180m of thrilling fun, but can also be utilised to develop the crucial ski skills you need on the slopes. Ski Lift Passes range from Hourly Slope Passes to Unlimited Passes, so you can work your practice time around your schedule. The Main Slope offers the option of freestyle skiing, along with specialist events each month to show off the skills you have acquired. If you feel more comfortable in a girls-only group, we even offer Ladies Only mornings for experienced female skiers that want to hang out with like-minded women and boost their abilities.

Nobody is excluded from developing their indoor ski tricks at Chill Factore, which is why we also promote an over 50s morning for those that want to avoid the bustling crowds. Another benefit of indoor skiing is that you can leave it down to us to perfectly tailor your skiing practice to suit your needs, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store for you.

For more information on how to improve your indoor snow skills or to book a session, get in touch at 0161 749 2222 or email us at

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