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Learn over 3 weeks, two days or even in a day, what lesson is right for you?

Learn over 3 weeks, two days or even in a day, what lesson is right for you? Show

2 Day Course: If you can’t dedicate a full day to the slopes why not spread your learning across 2 consecutive days? This option is perfect for kids as they are able to retain the information much more easily, when learning over 2 days. A 2-day course consists of 4 hours' tuition each day including a one hour break, and your lessons takes place at the same time each day.  

3 Week CourseIf you’d like to spread your learning even further we provide a full course split over 3 weeks. Each lesson is 1hour 50 minutes long and is held on the same day and time each week for 3 consecutive weeks. As 3 week courses take place at weekends and in the evenings, this option is perfect for those who are keen to learn but have work or personal commitments.

Day Lesson: This choice is ideal if you are keen to learn to ski as quickly as possible and are available for the whole day. It's an intensive lesson, so you'll need good core strength and stamina, but is great if you're short on time and on a deadline to be slope ready for your winter break. Your lesson last for 8 hours including a one hour break and two 30 minute breaks.   


Want to learn a cool sport on a real snow slope? At Chill Factore, our beginner snowboarding lessons get you geared up and raring to hit the lower main slope with style and confidence!


If you’ve never snowboarded before, our qualified instructors are here to help you from the second you step onto the snow. In our beginner snowboard lessons, you’ll learn about ‘toe edge’ and ‘heel edge’ techniques, as well as how to control your pace, link your turns and move safely in a diagonal line across a real snow slope.


Interested? Check out the variety of beginner snowboarding course we have on offer below:




Two-day beginner snowboard lessons

Prefer to let what you’ve learned sink in before hitting the slopes again? Then, spread your beginner snowboarding lessons over consecutive days with our two-day beginner snowboard course. With the convenience of having both lessons take place at the same time each day, our two-day beginner snowboard lessons are popular for kids, students and anyone else with a busy daytime schedule.

Minimum Age: 8+  |  Activity Duration: 2 x 4 hrs inc breaks  |  Group size: 9 guests











Three-week beginner snowboard lessons

Maybe you’re someone who learns best with regular breaks between sessions. If so, give our three-week snowboard lessons a go. With this package, you get the same level of support and help, just in smaller, bitesize chunks. These beginner snowboard lessons take place on the same day over three consecutive weeks.  

Minimum Age: 8+  |  Activity Duration: 3 x 1 hr 50 mins  |  Group size: 9 guests







One-day beginner snowboard lessons

Intense and exciting, our one-day beginner snowboarding lessons help you grasp the basics and get a taste for the sport in just eight fun hours. If you want to learn as much as possible in a small time frame, these single-day beginner snowboard lessons let you pack in all the tutoring you need in a single, memorable day.

The Day Lesson is a group session (max 10), including 6 hours of tuition covering beginner levels 1-3 with lunch & refreshment breaks.

Minimum Age: 10+  |  Activity Duration: 8 hrs inc breaks  |  Group size: 9 guests







Kids’ snowboard lessons


If you know a youngster who would love to try the sport, read up on our Kids Snow School. Kids must be eight years old or over to take part in our mixed lessons (levels one to nine) and ten years or older for a day lesson. Any child under the age of ten years must be accompanied by a paying adult.






Snowboard is intense and exhilarating — plus, it’s great for boosting skills and fitness! Discover more about our snowboarding levels, or read about what’s involved with our taster, improver, developer, and specialist courses.


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